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Hey Guys! What’s up? Skidd here! So you guys may have noticed that I have a Patreon page link above so you guys can help support my comic and help keep it going! And I appreciate ALL of your support!

But what is this? That’s right! also has a patreon page:

Why support Because SoulKat, Mihari, and the other developers let the artists (like myself) post our comics on here at no charge, and basically work for free. So go support katbox too if you can, and we can all keep bringing you great comics for years to come!


A full fledged frigate. If I’m not mistaken.

didn’t Aria have almost white fur?????

She’s always been cream colored

aria still hasn’t forgiven him for the bed thing? it was just a mistake. also, ruby’s shirt doesn’t look big enough, and the button holding it together looks like it’ll snap at any moment. you’d think with all of her pirating loot she could at least afford a decent personal tailor.

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