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Coming Soon + Site Major Updates

Coming Soon + Site Major Updates published on 1 Comment on Coming Soon + Site Major Updates

Hello everyone! I suppose I should try making more blog updates huh? Anyways, thank you all for being super patient with us as we try to get things fixed up. There has been alot on our plate and to say we’ve been overwhelmed is an under-statement.

First, the good news!

UberQuest returns this month! We will start posting regular UberQuest updates again this March and are currently putting the final touches on pages. We will also be updating our archive system to more easily navigate the chapters with chapter summaries. Links for the Fan-Wiki,Tv Tropes Page and Ask UberCast (at least the SFW stuff) will be posted on the site too.

Mouschievous Reboot! We have a BRAND NEW webcomic for ya’ll to read, Mouschievous! This will be posted every other update or so – (we’ve yet to figure out a schedule). It follows Jasmine in a modern day setting, a slice of life comedy that is super comfy and fun. This will be monochromatic as opposed to full color, save for special pages.

Kozmiko Hub. We will be hosting these comics with a prefix of Kozmiko ; our new general ‘company’ name for the word Skidd and myself do. This will include all creative work between art,comics,animation,videos and commissions. You can access both Mouschievous and UberQuest from here. This will include a brand new site revamp for all three! What’s in the name? Kozmiko is short for Cosmic Company but with a bit of flare added to it (k’s are cool, ok?)

The Bad-ish News

Commissions – Unfortunately February meant to be our hiatus month was plagued with past due bills, lots of catching up and wasn’t as productive as we had hoped. So we had to take commissions to stay afloat and has pushed back the speed on other things

Site Revamps take time – We are working on this the best we can but are far from skilled at the art of web-making. We are doing new graphics for things but yet again, another time-sink.

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