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Ground zero Fireball! Hmmmm…GenericBlueCatWarrior27. Either he’s not very original with his character names, or he’s re-rolling a new character every five minutes! XD
On another note, healers. One of the most sought after, yet most under-appreciated classes in just about any MMO. Having played as a healer in several MMOs myself, I’m generally amazed at how quickly bad players will blame the healer for dying instead of their own bag of fail.

i see you changed the belt! i remember that gave you guys a pretty hard time, good call on changing it this time around!

Haha well you’ve got yourself another reader. This reminds me so much of fiesta online. ๐Ÿ˜› But I’m pretty sure that’s how all mmos are really. Loving the art style, can’t wait to see more!

i remenber now!!!! its like another webcomic i seen called “party plz” a orange haired girl who mess’s up with a healing spell that instead of healing them ends up doing harm by accident i knew i seen this senerio some where before guess since its been a while since i read that “party plz” webcomic in a while

Hey how often do you update? This looks promising!

I update every saturday. :3 So expect page 4 REAL soon. You can also check out my patreon page and see the pages 1 day early! Page 4 is up on my patreon RIGHT NOW.

I might. I’m already supporting Housepets! so I’m not sure of my available budget. That and I shouldn’t make snap decisions after 3 pages of exposition…

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