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UberWeen 2014

UberWeen 2014 published on 75 Comments on UberWeen 2014

Happy Halloween Everybody!
Enjoy this comic page.
It took a lot of work and we hope it shows.

Can you name all the costumes?
If not here is a spoiler list:
Costume list
Farron – Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid 3)
Sesame – Korra (Legend of Korra)
Claire – The 4th Doctor (Doctor Who)
Mason – Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
Kibbles – Lulu (Final Fantasy X)
Kylar – Link (Legend of Zelda)
Proto – Fox (Animal)
Valmont – The Goblin King – (Labyrinth)


I recognized all but Claire’s and Valmont’s costumes, I know next to nothing about the “Doctor Who” series, and the last time I seen “Labyrinth” I was like 8 years old and I’ve only seen a few minutes of it

i guessed all but Kibble’s and Valmont’s costumes right

They are not kids, you should break the fourth wall and read their bios.

Does this mean the necromancer is a villain in the comic? Like Dante isn’t bad enough?

Valmont is a unique villain unlike most the other antagonists. We got all types –from cocky-annoying types to powerful and intimidating ones. Valmont is a really really funny one though.

Wait, that was Kibbles? I would have never guessed. She looks so domineering and confident.

Does anyone notice that poor creature being crushed in Kibbles arms?
And does anyone else wish they were said creature?

Is Valmont a guy or a chick?

Valmont is male.

thanks, is just he looks a little androgynous to me

Mason as Vash….seeing as both characters are pacifists, yeah good matchup. Sesame is actually a lot like Korra in a sense. Claire as The Doctor is ingenious (though to be honest, I never really got into Doctor Who). For some reason, Valmont’s use of vocabulary (except in the last panel) makes me think of Thomas Eichorst from The Strain (yes, he makes me think of the show stealing Nazi vampire/strigoi).

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