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I have to ask… how did anyone mistake Sesame for a male? Was he blind?

It wasn’t so much him being *physically* blind, as much as blinded by his own prejudices and preconceived ideas of what an adventurer/warrior should (or even *could*) be. The MANLY sport of adventuring was something only MANLY MEN are up to, therefore everyone who identifies as an adventurer is obviously a MALE MANLY MAN GUY PERSON. Yadda yadda glaring-misogynism-of-modern-culture yadda yadda.

…or, y’know, maybe he knew perfectly well she was a woman and decided to be a snarky jackass about it. Your call. =/


YESSS! He took the advice!! GOO KIBBLES!!!

What advice? He who?

Our whole conversation on how to kill a slime is to freeze and smash it!

You didn’t order your badge online?! JEEZ GIRL! It’s like this is your first con or something. My con is in 3 days, and I’ve had my badge for a month and a half!

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