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Grinding! Grinding! Grinding!
Honestly, characters in rpg-s (especially mmo rpg-s) are just a bunch of psychos. Quest giver: I needz u 2 murdr 5 of those. 4 dat, u get new pants. They’re enchanted =^.^= WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND KILLS STUFF FOR PANTS?! Oh, right- every character I’ve ever made!
Reminds me of the first time I played Skyrim. Lesson learned: never, and I repeat, NEVER mindlessly 1v1 a frost troll.

Shoot arrow, hides, shoot again, hide…. Dead troll

I remember my first time fighting a metal slime. That looks about right how it ended for me. Sesame looks cute when shes having fun destroying things. The second panel is my favorite. I really like how she looks all high and mighty while she gloats about her victory.

Ugh, those metal slimes were painful, but well worth the XP they gave! Too bad those gold slimes were so darned skittish, I think I’ve only killed two throughout my entire playthrough of Dragon Warrior (AKA Dragon Quest). Too many instances of A GOLD SLIME APPEARS! THE GOLD SLIME RAN AWAY! XD

Nice pose that Sesame does in panel 2. Slimes in most rpg-s are troublesome, in one of the computer rpg series called Ultima, I nearly lost my party to slimes. The slimes if you didn’t hit them hard enough they would split in two. The spaces that didn’t have my party members had slimes.

what rpg is that???

It was from the computer series called Ultima. My party was still low level and only had blunt weapons, the room with the slime monsters swarmed my party. The blunt weapons if the attack didn’t kill the slime, it would split into two slimes. If I had the money for edge type weapons at the time, the attacks if it didn’t kill the slime, it would not have split.

Oooof, yeah. Slimes were nasty in the Ultima series, and you were always beset upon by at least five of the darned things, and they were often with spiders that could spit venom at you. >.< I made sure to stock up on lots of reagents for my casters. Magic missile and fireball worked very well on them. XD Balrogs and demons were a different story, but by that time, I had plate armor and plenty of swords to go around.

So did the slime give Sesame that large bump on her head, or was it Kibbles?

It was the slime, it gave her a good bopping!

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