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Well, hope that you’ll have a good time while on your hiatus.
And it’s actually perfect that Valmont appeared just now, in the filler.
Forget all those theories I’ve made about Sesames mom going nuts after she gave birth and/or faking her own death. What if she really DID die. But that’s not the end of it. In fact, it’s far from it. As I said: it’s perfect that Valmoth appeared just now.
One pineapple to rule them all.

*checks the calendar* Nope it’s still not April yet, what the hell is going on?

UberQuest is on a hiatus for a month. We’ve recently given birth to our second child and I am having to heal up/take care of the baby in the mean time.

Is she the bitch that keeps stealing Sesame’s stuff?

You are thinking of Dante

Good, so I can like this girl now.

*snickers* poor Valmont and Kylar, getting confused for women

So true story, Mega Man X back in 93 when the character Zero first appeared, until the story clairified it (forget when that was) I thought Zero was female. That long flowing blonde hair, not to mention the sprite graphics of the day. I think the series would have been better if Zero had been female in retrospect

Ok… exactly how crazy IS Valmont exactly? He’s not only willing to dress up like a female and one of his (as of yet unestablished) arch enemies, but he’s also rocking the look pretty well. I mean, DANG. If it weren’t for the wings and the fur color, he’d be almost a shoe-in for Sesame.

Also, the pineapple thing. Dude’s kinda unhinged, ain’t he?

hold on a second, if Sesame’s mother is dead couldnt Valmont briing her back to life????????????

Exactly what I thought. It would make sense. Would also explain the attack on the village.

wait, it does??????????????????

Yes, it does. From the silhouette on page 27, we can tell it’s someone who looks like/is related to Sesame. So we’re presuming it’s her mom.
I said it before: the attack is a distraction. While all that is happening, that assassin dude followed Sesame to those temple ruins (I’m presuming he’s also working for Valmont). And Sesame is opening the crypt containing that artifact of power (“gods crated them” my ass).
As for why he resurrected Sesames mom; maybe she had vital information about those artifacts. Well that, and (probably) the fighting skills.
Unless you were talking about something else entirely…

Valmont’s voice……um……….Mark Hamill Joker?

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