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Well, that took a Grave turn

…, at least it’s not an ice pun.

Dude, that’s cold. Not cool, brah. Quite chilling indeed. I give it an absolute zero/10. That icy enough 4 ya?

Wait wait, so your own daughter has a similar power to your own, and seemingly you have now learned to control your own power, so then why not have started to teach Sesame how to understand her power as early as you could have! There is literally no one better equipped to teach her! *Jackie Chan wtf motion*

Even if he is afraid that she could lose control and do bad things like he once did, that’s still faulty reasoning, our kids are not us, and education can only help that all the more.

Panicked people don’t think clearly.

Though 10 years is a long time to remain panicked . . .

10 years… ?
may not be how long he was panicked. It may well be how long it took for her to prove she may control the power once it was ‘released’.

think about it. if she was anywhere like a human teenager, ‘control’ isn’t exactly her best attribute

and think about the danger even the slightest power can be when wielded by a teenager

I respect his decision really, I mean would we really want to see little Sesame wielding a giant sword and killing other kids out of emotional dispute? Remember, even trained kids or teenagers can forget temperamental order when something really blows their steam off (and bullying can result to something ugly if given that chance). And it’s a good thing too, given that Sesame’s mom is dead, who else would comfort her then? (I think her grandma would, but I still say her mother would’ve done better if she went batshit insane)

And also… the soldier… umm. isn’t there like suppose to be sergeants and other ranks to lead without the general? I mean it’s kinda hard enough that the General has to deal with emotional trauma from being a widower and raising two kids (one having a special power even) I’m starting to think that soldier isn’t a “soldier”…. I think…

General Ackbar: It’s a trap!

What he said.

Ah yes, a decision made out of fear – the last thing he would want his one of girls to become like he was. Sesame’s maternal Grandmother did help alot back when she was still kicking. For a serious attack like this he would still need to be informed and called to action.

From the look of that broadsword that Sesame used, it looks like the same one that she had stolen from her. So if the swords are the same one, no wonder that Sesame was angry for Dante stealing it.

So the 2 graves, one is the mother, but whose the other one? Also when will we’ll get back to Kylar and his team looking for the young prince? I’ve got to hand it to you & Teh Puufs, you really know how to create a really terrific story. Would love to see Uberquest in a book, or better yet a movie.

It’s her grandmother. Kylar’s segment will continue very shortly after this segment with Sesame.

Her grandmother Nana, the pretty calico cat 10 yrs earlier right? I hope you don’t leave us hanging on who or what is attacking the city square.

who knows? it could be Nazgul, it could be White Walkers, hell it could even be New Jersey governor Chris Christie

Has the update schedule been changed? Is this temporary or will it still be twice a weak?

For the past month or so we haven’t been able to update as often, falling back to once a week updates. We will soon be going on a hiatus for about a month but will make a formal announcement prior to doing so. In the mean time we will have filler pages following the once a week schedule.

OH, a month? Well I guess you both deserve a little break, thanks for the heads up. Will keep a watch when you come back. Say, what comics do you both read and enjoy on the Belfry? I enjoy quite a few as well as yours, top of my list.

Awesome page as ever! πŸ™‚ Just wanted to say in panel 5 I think it should be ‘I’ve run from my past’ rather than ‘I’ve ran from my past’. It could also be ‘For many years I ran from my past’-that would also work πŸ™‚ Keep those pages coming-I really like this comic a lot πŸ™‚

I have a question. Is this going to be an action-oriented web comic? Like, is there going to be many fight or action scenes?

If so, I think it might be a good idea refer to fantasy or medieval comics.

Course, I’m not asking you to draw on the same level as the high-tier professionals but rather I think the transitions as well as composition between the action, scene and dialogue is a bit jarring and forced. Particularly when the action component is involved. You do well when it comes to dialogue, story and characters but I think a filler panel could help with the transition between the action, scene and dialogue.

Also, the slicing action at the top. If the top part of the straw dummy were to overlap on the sword’s cutting path, then it would show more depth. At first glance, the sword looks like it’s slicing in front of it rather than through it.

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