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Awww.. But she want to be trained! :C
How else she should know how to control herself?! D8

he said …not yet 🙂

you saw that too?
I suspect it was something to the effect of teaching someone how to use a gun just as they’re entering their ‘teens’ (not a good idea while they tend to lose control of their impulses).

I’m kinda at odds here, being that I started training in martial arts myself at the age of 10. He doesn’t have to give her full training at this point, but at least train her to respect her power enough to never use it until absolutely necessary (i.e., her life being in danger).

Sure. Forget all those feelings. Push them deep down. No need to talk about them. No, because of how you might feel about an important, life-changing truth that might give you some clarity. Instead, let them burden you for years to come. Nothing bad is going to happen. Probably… *sarcasm off*

I wonder… The super-strength; is it a genetic trait? It’s apparently tied to these emotions. Like, those who poses that power are more predispositioned to angry, aggressive outbursts that, in turn, activate that magical power and/or hormone rush that increases the person’s strength?
So many theories, so little time.

must resist urge to make reference to Frozen….must resist urge to make reference to Frozen…. also I totally read General Akane’s lines in Kevin Conroy’s voice.

So, if I understood you correctly, the way Sesame should handle those problems is: Let it go, LET IT GO…

I’m afraid to even think what kind of hellish apocalyptic chaotic evil Sesame could unleash if she were to Let It Go…..What happened with what Elsa did when she Let It Go is nothing compared to what Sesame could be capable of…………Game over man, game over…THIS ISN’T A BUG HUNT ANYMORE!!!!

This is bullshit she’s being bullied yet you don’t do shit about it?! Congratulations you just made #9 on my top 10 Comic/Cartoon fathers.

Sesame is only just now telling her father about the bullying. I suppose the shock of her revelation and that she has this power overrode it.
Her father isn’t the type that would allow something like that to go on now that he knows about it – he’s actually very protective of her.

Conceal, don’t feel?
Not *that* old spiel.
Is her dad for real?
Just what’s his deal?
Sesame, please appeal!
You’ll need nerves of steel.
Church bells will peal.
My favorite color is teal.
You want some cornmeal?
Bears often eat seal…s.

That’s all I’ve got. T^T

Let me handle this rap rhyme bro. :3

Skidd said to conceal
And to never feel
Is he for real?
It’s a deal or no deal
It’s like slippin’ on a fruit peel
Killing the third wheel
With an Uzi made of steel
The gunshot wound will never heal
He was eaten by a seal
Mixed with oatmeal
There’s no courtroom appeal
Executed with hemospectrum’s teal
Now I have to go and pay the bill



Yo, you want her to conceal?
Man you can’t be for real!
You expect her to kneel
at the heel of an eel?
How the hell, do you expect her to deal
with a world filled with nothing but pain and ordeal?
It’s like your trying to crush her with an iron heel
How the hell do you expect her to move on and to heal?
With a sword forged with the sharpest steel
Her admiration is sliced like a rotten peel
You treating your daughter like a broken third wheel
You proving the world she’s been dealt a raw deal
Man is this a dream? Cause it’s just surreal
How a father tells his daughter how he won’t reveal
The truth of her power, this is simply unreal

*drops microphone*

*picks up the microphone and beats the dog kid from the previous page with it*
That was really fun.
I don’t regret what I’ve done
But compared to Sesame, I am none.
Her punch must’ve weighed a ton
More lethal than a dose of drunken clown-fish-cat pun
Dog-boy, you just got served son
I wonder what can she do with a gun?
The bully will cry and run
Shit, Sesame violently fucking won
Dog-boy became holy and pleaded to a nun

This is a medieval institution
No broken arm medication
No death indication
No blood sophistication
She nearly killed him with her own volition
Broke the dog-kid’s arm with no repetition
Self-guilt reflection
No robot replication
Plot complication
Skidd’s imagination
Hand-written animation
And her dad is filled with constant inundation…
Now we have a Sesame flashback foundation.
“The End?” I beckon.
Caught the target dead on.

Yeah… I have no fucking idea what I did there xD
*continues to pummel the dog-kid with the mic*

OK, so when does he let her know? Or will it be too late as something might happen to him and Sesame will never find out where or how she got her power. Remember when she was in Mason’s sword shop and how she manages to lift that hugh column? Even Mason was surprised.

Mason was the one who lifted the column and moved it, not Sesame ^^; But Sesame was surprised – meaning Mason shares a similar power to her :3

What does he mean by Sesame fighting?
The dog kid got punched in the arm by her and cried out like a wussy.
And most of us readers just laughed on his misery.
Other than that, I don’t think anything happened.
Unless that girl dog wanted to avenge him or something, which seemingly wasn’t since she was scared as fuck too xD
Oh… so Sesame explained, oh well xD

On the other hand, his pose on the last panel…

And yes… Frozen jokes, not even gonna mention it 😛

Ok, quick flaw with daddy’s logic here. She already knows she has this ability. It is awoken in her yet she cannot fully control it. Why not teach her to understand and control this power of her’s? Instead you decide to tell her to ‘cut it out’ and just let her go on without any form of control on that power and wait for something bad to happen. Way to go dad…

The reaction her father had tells me that this power was either used by some powerful villain in the past, and now has some kind of “dark side” cultural stigma attached to it, or that their society has some law that drafts people with certain magic talents into the military. I’m sure “anger strength” makes for great shock troops.

Does everyone in this setting have magic talents, and if not, how common are they?

No, not everyone has a special ability. There is only a few different types, magic-users,super-strength, speed and some passive resistance abilities. Only Fera (all the ‘furry land mammal’ characters are Fera.. Dahaki are a dragon race.) can have these. I’d say the rate is about 15%- 20% of the population can have powers as they are recessive – some are rarer then others. Even rarer is the combinations of the previously listed abilities, so someone can have strength + speed, or magic +resistance ect. The problem with combo-powers is that one power isn’t as strong as the other. So a magic user+ strength power, their ability to control magic may not be very good for instance..

I wouldn’t see more powers as a problem, even if they’re both weaker. Hell, some might end up better than the ones with the single gifts. If “buff magic” exists, then a strength+magic user could cast a spell on themselves to make themselves stronger, and be at least almost as strong a strength-only counterpart, and the “strength-only” can’t heal and throw fireballs.

Sorry Skidd but I have to make a joke, or at least quote a wise warrior.
“Anger, fear, aggression the dark side are they.”
Sesame’s father should continue her training, unless he knows of someone who could do a better job, if Sesame has a power that he is unable to train.

Now that I think about it more, if I was her dad and some lousy bratty kid pushed my daughter to the ground and hurt her and she fought back breaking that kid’s arm I would be so proud of her, what’s more I’d go over to that kid’s family and explain what happened and warn them for their kid to stay the hell away from my daughter, or he’s not going to be the only one hurting, regardless of the repercussions. Gotta protect your own.

Not the smartest of decisions on his part. Just because he is not ready to train her does not mean she doesn’t Need the training. Ignoring that is only going to lead to problems. Either by this power “slipping out” at inopportune times or from her trying to figure it out on her own. Then again she might be able to train herself but I have my doubts considering how things have been going.

I’m going to have to echo what everyone else is saying.
To daddy dearest: You can’t tell her not to protect herself, and then not tell her WHY. What else do you expect her to do? If her feelings are dangerous, she needs to know what could go wrong, and how to avoid it.
At the very least, if you don’t want her to act on her feelings, don’t leave her in a position where she has to. If you can’t reach these bullies’ parents, your status as a warrior could still probably sway the community’s leaders. You may not have known about the bullying before, but if you care about your daughter, you have an obligation to protect her.

I honest to god love this webcomic
UberQuest should be in the top 10 webcomics in my opinion i just found out about this comic the other day (lol dont really read much)
But finally finished it up to the poin where u left off
So what i am trying to say keep making this comic you have put alot of time and effort in this i want to see more of this in the future

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