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“How I came into this world… guilt…”

Lemme guess: Sesame’s mom died giving birth?

That was my first assumption. Now, I’m not so sure.

A theory is coming into view. A very… ugly theory.

Clan member, family, Sesame’s fault Please let me be wrong.

So… reminiscent of the Uchiha clan from Naruto? Except… she felt guilt even before everyone died?

If you compare the silhouette of that evil doer from the link with anyone in the current page, the only one that’s a match is Sesame. So it’s either Sesame on that page (evil possession theory), or someone who we have not yet seen that’s related to/looks like her. So the following question is: The complications during her birth- instead of just physical, what if they caused psychological damage to her mom? As I said: I’m REALLY hoping I’m wrong.

EDIT #8472: Yes, Sesame kind of reminded me of Sasuke Uchiha too (did I spelled that right?).

it seems that Sesame’s home island is very reminiscent of feudal Japan

It’s a mixture of feudal Japan and ancient Scandinavia.

The discipline and warrior tradition of Japan + the pure badassawesomeness that is Vikings. STFU AND TAKE MY NON-EXISTING MONEYZ!!!!

Oh my goodness, this is so gorgeous, what an adorable little Sesame and her family is really lovely too, is nana her grandmother and a calico? Her dad looks to be a white Bengal tiger, just love calicos and tiger cats, this story gets better every episode. By the way, if you enjoy CG animation, you’ve got to go see the movie Strange Magic, it’s really great and the songs are terrific, it’s done by George Lucas studios, nuff said.

I feel so so sorry for Sesame right now… does she know her father was slain? If not, then someone has some really bad news for her… I just want to give her a hug…

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