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So far, Jane’s aspirations seem well intentioned and to be for the good of her people. But, the little hints here suggest that she could go from guiding friend to controlling without much prompting, ie; mayte does something (by accident) that causes a disruption so she decides to force the issue of ‘training’.
Also note, she specifically says she will “let” Mayte stay instead of simply saying Mayte wanted to stay, implying that it is only at Janes discretion.
Or I’m reading too much into this, for all I know(not much) Jane could be a true paragon of a monarch, completely honest and have no hidden agendas whatsoever – a first for storytelling.

Little mishap with Farrons last word bubble?

I thought so too. “I’m bein’ totally _______ this time.”

For a second there I actually thought that Farron was going to charge Sesame for that potion. Question for our Hosts (Don’t answer if you don’t want to, I understand): Farron says that’s his best he’s got. What kind is it? A Simple “Potion”, An Average “High-Potion”, A Powerful “Mega Potion” or An Almighty “Elixir”? I excluded “Megalixir” since it can heal multiple characters.

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