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He seeks to star such bloodshed that the subjects will refuse to listen to anyone on the throne. The blood of a tyrant shall flow and soon.

This page most definitely set the tone for the rest of the story. Very well done.

Spoiler: He leaves the castle, only telling his mother before he leaves. Later, he meets the our bodacious little party and they have a bit of an adventure together, help resolve the rebellion situation, and the Prince heads back home after forcefully being given advice by a member of the party.

Just going to ask of the king. How’s the goatee work? It’s different color hair than the rest of his facial fur, but I can believe that, it still matches his natural hair color on the top of his head. But the question that’s pondering me more is, How does he trim it? Assuming a razor is out of the question (aforementioned facial fur), we have to believe in a pre-electric era that he trims the rest of his sideburns (which we know he’s capable of growing, he has a goatee) with scissors? a really sharp knife? a very patient maid/servant?

I’m just saying, I think it’s full on beard, or nothing.

To be honest, I think how he shaves it is unimportant compared to how it works with how muzzles work. I figure we won’t be seeing him again for awhile, but in future pages I hope the artist separates the mustache and beard so his mouth makes more sense.
But you’re right. Anthro animals with facial hair that is clearly different than their…facial fur?…doesn’t make sense. But that’s cartoon animal people for you. :B

It’s one of those bizarre things that just are. The King isn’t the first character with facial hair to appear in the comic, Farron,Mason,Mason’s Uncle, Winsley and The King all have magical mysterious facial hair. =p

Farron’s is very scruffy, I would consider that almost an extension of his “fur” or possibly some form of whiskers. Mason and his Uncle are both elk, I thought that was just natural goatee formations, extended from the beard or mane-like darker hair elk have around their necks. And as far as Winsley’s concerned, he’s both a wizard – known for their majestic beards – and sporting the aforementioned full beard, not requiring the meticulous maintenance of trimming a beard and leaving some form of fur behind.

In short, I didn’t see anything out of place worth mentioning on the previous character’s facial hair choices, the King’s goatee stood out for me as particularly special. Phuffy, how do I go about asking The King this question in the ask ubercast blog, “How do you trim your goatee?”

Just would like to take the time to mention- I, for one, cannot grow facial hair on my cheeks or neck, but can grow a goatee. The entirety of my dad’s side of the family is the same way.

So it is possible that it’s just the only region his facial hair grows in, like it does for me. Were that the case, however, there should be a disconnect or at least thinner hair on the corners of his mouth.

The way to stop the bloodshed of millions: The bloodshed of One.

And yes, that One should be capitalized. Wink wink nudge nudge.

…still dont get it?
Kill the king.

Holy cow, and I thought the prince was just a glory hunting, partying type. Hell, I like him even more now, he’s got balls to stand up against his farther and the console, gods huh, probably made up stories to enact control over the people. Damn if this isn’t getting better every episode. Thanks so much for Uberquest.

I never understood the logic behind kings like this.

You’re trying to rule a country. Maybe even expand it. As soon as you start killing your own subjects or even POTENTIAL subjects needlessly out of paranoia you are literally denying yourself of the stuff you are actually supposed to rule.

Then the ones who don’t die are just so done with your shit that they head of to join the rebellion, and you just succeeded in fucking yourself over in the most imbecilic way possible. Brilliant.

Well, in times of that.
When in paranoid doubt, kill every being you rule over.

When in paranoid doubt of losing everything you have to other people, you proceed to destroy everything you have and now nobody wins. Humanity comes up with really awesome plans πŸ˜›

I am hoping for a Coup d’Γ©tat! Down with the evil king! Raise the new flag! Viva la (insert nation or state here)! What kingdom is this? Anyways… May the proletariat revolt against the upper middle class!

someone should call the guardians of the galaxy or something

Okay. Apparently I had the wrong Idea when we first met the price and his ideals actually seem to be for the good. The comments I had made previously made sense to me at the time, but with This to put them in context… Well time to throw my support to the young idealistic Prince-ling πŸ™‚

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