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Well good or bad he seems far more level headed then the lot of them

How is that apple now?

Just give it time. All apples will rot with time. 😉

Unless it’s an artificial and inedible apple, which at this case, doesn’t even decompose.

He opposed his father in front of the council. Huh. Maybe he is a good guy after all.

But I’m more interested in these artifacts. Were they in the same place that was attacked (on the Akkai islands or, whatever)? Could that be where Sesame’s from?

What if if it was the rebels were the ones that sent Sesame that letter

Hmm :-). There are peaces of a puzzle here that are slowly coming into place, it seems.

Yes, it was stated in a previous page one of the artifacts was under protection on the Akai Islands. Though they are scattered throughout the world of Evyr. The ones that are found are kept in secrecy and apart – in fear of what may happen if they are joined.

You’ve peaked my interest *grabs popcorn, a bottle of coke, my Mass Effect PJs, a homemade P.I.P boy and a Keith plushy* Go on…
Or should I wait till the next page as everyone else? In that case *embraces Keith plushy and eagerly waits for more for moar content* Dis iz goin 2 B EPIC!

Introducing the facefinger. For when a full facepalm would dignify someone’s failure too much.

Why do I get the feeling he’s gonna give his dad an ulser?

Make that a double-ulcer, and a sore throat.

Followed by a stroke.

Plus being buried alive in a coma, during a solar eclipse on a leap year after a heart attack and being turned into a crystal.

And last but not least, being exposed to magical toxic witches and getting electrocuted by a red thunder cloud, getting blasted from an alien spaceship, giving government taxes and having another ulcer, before teleporting back to his throne room, with seemingly nothing happened. Then he should’ve at least attained enough ulcers to enter himself into mutant phase and growing into a large alien from God-knows-where, and then getting explosive diarrhea and re-birthing himself back into a king with a quadruple ulcer, twice the sore throat and in a coma.

Alder, sounds a lot like us in the USA, but we’ll prevail somehow. Uberquest is such an intriguing story, maybe you’ll have it in print someday?

Well, whatever else he is, it seems Drayven is competent and reasonable. Skipping to slaughter is probably not a good start for problem solving.
That he made this display in front of his father’s advisors and that it was dismissed so quickly tells me this has been going on a long time.
Beyond being super grumpy, I’m still not certain how much the King deserves what Drayven’s serving, but I’ve got to say: bonus props if the prince was aware of the meeting, and scheduled his practice match specifically so that he’d be late, dressed improperly, as well as dirty and sweaty, when the king inevitably called him in.

First a war, now a rebellion. Whats next? Dragons? Vampires? Powerful dragon priest resurrections?

White Walkers.

I was thinking epic player houses, but sure. White Walker are good too.

That, or since Claire is from the future, I was hoping more of bad-aiming and totally scrap-metal quality robots.

Oooh, definitely got a Game Of Thrones feel to it now!

This is one of the topics that felt was lacking before the reboot; the deep history of the civilization. I’m interested in the presentation of history. Having lived overseas for one year and visited several museums with english-language exhibits with a vastly different perspective on historical events, I wonder what the perspective will be?

And no visit to the water treatment plant?

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