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I want the prince to be a legit good guy I really do, but the apple rarely falls far from the tree

Unless the tree is on a hill. :p

but it stillwould fall not far from the tree, but then roll away ;P

But if the limb of the tree is over the edge of a cliff, and the drop is a long ways down (say a mile (kilometer) or more), it will fall far from the tree. 🙂

Drayven is either one of the most charismatic, nice and honorable people ever or just of the biggest f***ing liars ever. I mean honestly; have you ever heard of an honest politician? He knows how to put on a show, but what will happen when it’s time to actually do something important? And how experienced is he? Does he know what he’s getting himself into? Being king looks nice on paper, but the real thing is much harder. And even if he has good intentions now, well… let’s just say that power is the most addictive drug there is. But what I’m trying to say is: I really hope this doesn’t turn into Game of Thrones. But, just in case it does,
I’ll… show myself out now. ^^;

the armor looks like he’s wearing underwear out side the pants.

maybe he’s with the Justice League, snicker snicker.

I will never understand superhero outfits.

all I can say is at least some people update the outfits to look more realistic and believable. Take the Olivier Coipel redesign of Thor for example. Instead of looking like he’s wearing tights, he has leather and chain mail on (at least I think it’s chain mail), and that’s the look they went for in the live action films.

Yea, verily. I was really impressed with the way they redesigned Captain America for the new films; let’s face it, the 1990 version with Matt Salinger looked like a discount Halloween costume. I also liked the way they designed Scarecrow and Robin for the recent video games. =)

Hmm, wondering what would happen if Drayven did get hurt while sparring, what would his reaction be? Vengeful or just say it’s OK, my bad? Don’t worry about it.

That’s just what I was thinking. How would that have gone if Drayven lost? Hell, even if he just got close to losing.
All I know is that it takes more than a little inherent viciousness to lash out with body parts during a sword fight, especially a practice. Not that that makes him evil, but something to consider.

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