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the only thing worse than parents who try to hard are the ones that don’t try at all

Don’t be so quick to judge her mom. We know almost nothing about her. Maybe she has a stressful job. Or she has a medical/psychological condition. Or MAYBE Claire’s dad is a good dad but a bad husband. When it comes to family matters, nothing is as it seems.

I was just making a educated hypothesis based on available data

I feel just like Claire’s mom when i have a migraine, they suck.

CODE RED! We have a character’s mood down! I repeat: character mood down! Send moral support ASAP!

crimson tiger this is Gravedigger I am inbound with BIG HUG MISSLES!

Roger that, Gravedigger. HQ is also sending the ULTRA cheer-up package your way. ETA is… now!

idiot!!!! send the package to Claire not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uh Claire, you need to keep a watch of your surroundings. There might be a reason that particular stretch of stream is unpopulated.

In fact, large rocks alone in the middle of a stream is VERY likely

Im confused? She isn’t by any body of water, it’s just a rock in a dirt patch surrounded by bushes/grass.

I thought that was muddy water (which is NOT a safe place to sit around).

Dang, she would be relatively safer in a dirt-filled clearing than a muddy stream. You are the artist, so I suspect you know and I’ll accept it is a clearing.

Now, I see the spiral she made in dirt. I originally thought it was waves (like a stick in water would make). See how small details can change perception?

I read all the comments, everything I wanted to say has been covered:
-We should all comfort sad Claire – Check
-Excited Dad about his brilliant prodigy daughter – Check
-Mom is alcoholic/not very nice/not supportive – Check

Claire, you should stop ruminating. It can lead to depression. Not to mention, you are stressed out about being in a foreign land with a broken way to get home and you don’t know where the only family you have left is or how they’re doing. Alex’s advice: Go back to the group, grab yourself that big Elk for a few minutes of some much needed de-stressing and get you mind focused back on the task at hand. Or, you know, keep ruminating so we can see more of you backstory.

I must admit, Claire must’ve been one hell of a top-notcher if she got a university scholarship by that young age.
Course, we know nothing about the futuristic society, so I’ll leave it at that.

Meh, maybe her mom just had a hell of a day or that she completely objects the idea of Claire being totally smart and growing up, with hypothesized neglection.
Or you know, the mother is literally a douchebag.

I chose the former.

Daddy’s a fox, but mommy’s a cat?

Claire is most obviously a fox, so it seems daddy’s ‘donation’ is dominant. It also seems so in the ‘brains’ department.

Don’t have to look very deeply to see anything wrong with the situation, do we? In panel four, mommy doesn’t look like someone with a headache. She looks bored. As in “they’re at it again”. I suspect mommy has very little interaction with daughter or daddy.

Her father is a fennec fox, her mother is an arctic fox. So she has lots of fox genes!

an arctic fox, you say? In that case, since the weather outside in the flashback looks like that of the spring and summer months, wouldn’t her fur be brown with tinges of white rather than all white (fun fact: their fur color changes in accordance with the seasons and the hemispheric temperatures during those seasons)? Furthermore, I apologize wholeheartedly if that statement sounded like a nitpick.

I am slightly tempted to do that with some characters. You are right on the whole fur-changing with arctic foxes in warmer weather, but for the sake of making her appear more like her namesake I went with her pure-white coat. It’s possible we may do this with Dante (as she is a mink and would have a white coat in colder regions). It was at least true with Mason whom as a child had white spots like most fawns do but ‘grew out’ of them with age.

Hmm… she’s sure dressed fancy for someone with a migraine, i don’t recall wine making it feel any better. i believe my out look on this is the father and mother don’t have a good relationship i believe she has a hang over not a migraine and the nice looking outfit and fancy earring… I dunno about you all but if i had a migraine i wouldn’t be dressed up as if im going out for a date, i’d keep my ass in my room sleeping it off, or watching tv, resting waiting for the asprin to kick in

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