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I accept the terms and conditions.

Are you sure?

*clicks accept*

*Lucifer comes and drags you down through all nine circles of hell…..(lightning strikes) mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!*

Don’t accept Claire’s money, you might end up like Farron.
And be a man of your principles, Mason, don’t lose your way to temptation.

Also, the fans are gonna be pretty glad to see the first panel.
Fans who ship Sesame X Mason that is.

I really hope that isn’t claire’s only technique. makes her seem slutty.

Hey she offered wacky dollars first! Claire knows the power boobs can wield, if you’d seen anything about her personality thus far it’s that she enjoys pulling pranks/messing with people. Even so, being a more liberal in her sexuality doesn’t make her a ‘slut’ — I mean shit she only showed her boobs a little – not participated in a 7 man orgy.

or worse…..did what Cersei Lannister did….which led to the emergence of the most hated character of all time….(spoiler alert for non-GoT followers) and when he died, fans everywhere smiled like kids on christmas.

And Sesame just got some competition. I vote on them settling who gets Mason the old fashion way: UNNECESSARILY SKIMPY, DEMEANING CAT FIGHT.

Seems to me Claire is under the impression that all males will suddenly stop thinking with what’s between their ears when certain stimuli are presented.

A bit of news to you Claire. Some guys, the elevator does not go to the street gutter. It takes a bit of effort on your part. Looks to me like Mason’s elevator is stuck on the top floor.

Claire doesn’t have much in the way of a sense of modesty does she?

Think about it. She’s stuck far from home in both time and space, her ONLY friend fro home is lost, she’s not so sure of her ‘new friends’ or even herself in the new situation.

Now she comes across someone who may be able to help her fashion a recourse to the problem.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and she’s getting desperate.

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