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Lady, you’re drawing a damaged knife against someone with an enchanted buster sword 10x as big as your weapon

It’s not damaged, it’s designed that way. Lots of daggers have similar blades like that.

Never really realised just how well the postures are drawn until now. That second-last panel really opened my eyes. Not many people I know can pull off a posture like Dante has there.

Sesame really isn’t a good match up to fight Dante imo, if it were a game sure it could work, big hits to little hits, but in a more realistic scenario Sesame would be quite sluggish with a weapon of that size against Dante who has a much smaller weapon, not even taking into consideration what Dante’s special ability is, which could be evasiveness, speed, agility, or something more unexpected. Sesame should distract Dante so Claire can snipe her from a distance 🙂

Of course the best person suited would be Kibbles, but she is feeling so bad right now I don’t think she could bring herself to risk using her spells on another person, even a thief like Dante.

If decently skilled fighters fought with this matchup in reality, I’d put my money on the two-hander. The amount of weight and force it has means that the dagger-user can’t block, and if you just swing for the center of mass, the dagger user has to move so much to get out of the way (assuming its even possible), and there’s such a reach difference, that attacking becomes near impossible.

If I was the dagger, I’d run. Only way I’d have any real chance is if I got the first strike.

Not necessarily true. If you know where the balance point of the blade is (and you can learn that by studying the way your opponent wields their blade) you should be able to estimate a leverage point on the sword to block without breaking your blade, and using comparatively little strength, and you don’t need as much strength to parry/deflect an attack as you do to block it. Additionally a larger, heavier blade like Sesame is using will have a slower recovery time compared to the knife. Ultimately, Sesame can’t win this fight with power alone. Assuming that both are equally skilled fighters (something I doubt) a one-on-one showdown like that would most likely be won by whoever was faster or was able to force their opponent to make a mistake. But I am betting Dante is probably a more experienced fighter than Sesame, and more than likely has a few dirty tricks up the sleeve. Without backup, this likely won’t go well for Sesame.

I predict that Sesame will take the offensive early, and Dante will just let her burn herself out with evasions and limited blocks. Very effective tactic when fighting someone stronger or with a heavier weapon.

There is a cut-off on that leverage strategy, and i think we hit that with the bulk of Sesame’s sword. The width alone lets us know it has tremendous weight. This is assuming that the arcane fire ends up adding nothing to a blocked swing.

With enough technique, the dagger can win. No amount of equipment can get over a massive skill disparity.

That said, the technique you describe is incredibly advanced, and impractical for most people to perform when the weapons have this much of a weight difference. It also has a very, very slim margin for error. Error here could easily be crippling injury, or death. How much can you roll the dice before you get snake eyes?

By visible equipment alone, Sesame has a huge advantage. I don’t think we’ve seen Dante fight, but its a rare thief who doesn’t carry a few tricks, one way or another. Smoke, sand, or even a bit of rope could make this a very different fight.

On the other hand, fire. Fire hurts.

Okay, I’m going to blow all your minds right now: Hollywood does not get it right.
All that sword clashing you see in movies and video games is absolutely false (unless you had a monster sword like a Scottish Claymore) In most martial combat of the Middle Ages, they mostly carried a shield into battle. Why? Because *that’s* what you block with. If your stuck with only your blade, you would be doing one of two things: parry, which is *not* blocking, and even then that’s if you have no other option, or just completely get out of the way of the swing. If you look at blades like estocs or rapiers, they are thin, long blades, and if tried blocking a full on arming blade, a.k.a the long sword, that thing would snap in a second. Even against longsword vs. longsword, you don’t want to block. Sure, it may not break *that* time, or the next, but on the third or fourth, your opponent going to cleave right through that into you.
So let me iterate: You. Do. Not. Block.

Background Music:
“We Are Finally Cowboys” – No More Heroes

Very fitting xD

I think “know what your songs did in the dark” by Fallout Boy or “TNT” by AC-DC would be more appropriate

Im supposig im not the only one thinking Sesame will get stabbed by a ninja american mink right?

or they stop fighting and start making out??

I rather doubt Sesame wants to get THAT intimate. She wants more ‘slice and dice’ at the moment.

The only penetration desired at the moment is all metal thru flesh.

yes…bring forth the blood-soaked carnage of a brutal and violent fight to the death…….OUR TESTOSTERONE-FILLED-MAN-PENISES DEMAND IT!!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!!! FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!! KILL!!!!! KILL!!!! KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLL!!!! nah, I’m just joking around….but I do hope the fight’s levels of epicness go through the roof…and that it avoids dragging on like Michael Bay’s boring schlock (though that’s highly unlikely in here)


cause hot girls making out is awesome

Yeah, great idea. Throw character consistency and actual good writing out the window in favour of exploitation and pandering to horny boys whose understanding of female sexuality clearly comes from Hollywood romcoms, anime and porn. That’s totally what this comic is aiming to do.

Okay, so now you just assume that if Dante used a kiss to psyche Sesame out and open her up for attacking, it would turn into a full-on makeout session and Sesame would be right the hell into it.
Yeah, cause that’s so much better and totally isn’t still throwing out character consistency and good writing in favour of bullshit.

Right now, Claire has no idea who Dante is, but I am sure she will want a few heated words (and maybe some gunpowder) when she finds out.

I can’t tell if she has a Scottish accent or what. I think I’m stuck read her as that now, though.

You sure you weren’t born as a girl Art? there’s not a lot of guys I know who can cross their legs like that comfortably.

Who’s the Brit on the creative team?

My thoughts wandered around why is Jill a trained metallurgist and most likely received some sort of university degree, while Pete is most likely a wage slave? Was Jill the only one of the two with scholastic pursuits in mind?

And, why dif Art not pursue a path of an education in music?

The financial woes of Art’s parents must have reversed if they could afford a Bassoon for one of their children.

[QUOTE=”Eradose, post: 218270, member: 298″]Nice origin story, but I fail to see how it pertains to the question at hand, Tina.[/QUOTE]
:dropYuki: You…have no idea do you?
:heartTina: …
:cryTina: No.

So, the origin story of Tina’s parents is based on the Dangun Mythology? That’s really interesting to say the very least, which does beg the question as to why they aren’t being experimented on or taken to a secret lab for testing since this would be a marvel of science!

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