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Looks like Sesame is gonna get a chance at some payback. Could Mason be a half breed too since he has 2 different eye colors?

his multiple eye colors is a genetic condition called heterochromia

I didn’t know Sesame had the capacity to be this cute. ._.

Her kawaii-factor will amaze you. XD

*Brings out kawaii chart* As you can see, Sesame’s kawaii level is low right now, but as we get more into the story we can see sharp spikes and rising levels of kawaii-ness. *takes off science glasses*

I disagree with your findings. Sesame’s kawaii level is pushing the limit, where it is breaking the scale of 1 to 10. *Brings out the scale* As you can see the needle is trying to push past the pin on the right side. *Removes the pin* *Needle spins clockwise to bump the other pin* *Removes the other pin* *Needle starts to spin in a clockwise direction at a smooth pace* So, as you can see the only thing that would stop the needle from spinning is if some rude interruption happens.

I would assume that Regulos is merely using a bigger scale with extra units going way past 10 to account for the freak situation where a 1-to-10 scale would be broken, and simply forgotten where the standard boundaries lay.

After all, nobody could’ve predicted a theoretical level of kawaii-ness approaching and/or exceeding 9000 (at least, what would be 9000 relative to the established numbers) when the scale was initially drawn up.

Heh, look like Sesame got crush on Mason. I have a good idea who is in the bushes and seeking revenge on Kibbles. Either that or it a bandits.

That shadow looks like Dante to me.

You may be right. I looked up the Cast and compare between the shadow and Dante profile and it a match. I wonder what she is up to this time?

She’s a thief, I think it’s quite obvious what she’s up to.

“They said I was a bastard”
could this be a hint on “missing person of nobility”, mentioned in
Is it possible what track down Mason – is Kylar’s mission?

he’s bas-…..Game of Thrones man…..Game of Thrones.

Gendry, amIrite? xD If he’s the “missing person of nobility” like @Alconai said… Then this is so perfect. Especially because he’s a stag. Baratheon forever, apparently. xD

Illegitimate children of nobility are generally not considered important but rather looked down upon if not ignored. Some nobles would prefer sending them abroad to some foreign university or some other remote location. As long as it’s out of sight and out of mind.

Illegitimate heirs are only considered as important if there are no other options/heirs. Appearance of nobility and dignity was considered more important than what’s right and wrong in medieval times.

Illegitimate children are not limited to nobility alone either. Some ancient customs dictate that only legitimate heirs can inherit family customs/secrets like the secret recipe for whatever special food or some other precious family heirloom. So “bastards” doesn’t necessarily mean that he is from a noble family. It could simply mean that he was born between a married man and another woman. Not every “bastard” has to be part of a secret political conspiracy. XD

Okay I’ve said it a few times that Sesame is just adorable, but seeing how she’s absolutely unable to hide her affection is just too much. XD

So I get it why Mason doesn’t get any of her “signs” since you already said that in one of the comments here, but is there a reason why Sesame is basically unable to notice her reactions each time she meets a guy or gets a compliment? 😀

I would say it’s because a of a few things. Being a tomboy, she hasn’t had too much romantic/sexual experience with other men – so the flirting/compliments Farron was doing went slightly over her head.It also partially due to how he presented it – since it was pretty coy. She’s a bit naive/immature (as most young adults are) on what love is as is Mason. As she is still meeting these people and getting to know them of course, she is just now developing her crush on Mason.

Ah, yeah that makes sense. 🙂

I kinda feel bad that the first thing I think about after this is that hopefully Sesam’ll end up in a love triangle with Mason and Farron… Also the all the fanart and fan requested “situations” that brings with it. 😀

They’ve already made it pretty clear that Sesame is not ending up wanting Farron or vice versa.

No couples/romantic interests have been confirmed solidly other then Kylar and Joel. We have thoroughly thought/wrote the characters arcs and their growth. Entrust that we are capable of telling a story that doesn’t fall into every anime-trope you are so fearful of. I also ask you don’t write off any character for whats on the surface either,especially one as complex as Farron.

What’s astounding is I’m actually seeing people elsewhere getting pissed and calling this cliche and shitty. Even though they were also jumping the gun before and assuming Sesame wants to screw Farron and put up a big stupid tsundere act for the rest of the series after seeing him naked, and that the two of them would become this comic’s equivalent of the horrible excuse for a relationship that Miles and Rachael have been shoehorned into, and rightfully calling that notion cliche and shitty too.

But then, these people also apparently think Dante not being a pointless filler character is cliche and shitty too. And Kylar being gay. And Mason not being a total meathead focused on stereotypically masculine things and violence and shit just because he’s the big guy. And Farron having some dark event in his past. And Mason not taking up a whole page or two with flashbacks just to tell Sesame “This is who raised me.” And Kibbles having big boobs, which they think makes her the dumbass of the group. And the existance of multiple character perspectives and plot points. And Claire being an inventor. And the existance of a location with a Japanese name. And the fact that the setting is a fantasy world at all. And the lack of fanservice and sex scenes. And the possibility of future fanservice and sex scenes. And the story supposedly going too fast. And the story supposedly going too slow.

Basically they can’t make up their minds, are desperate to find reasons why this is the worst comic on the entire site, think only one person in the world likes it enough to call out their idiocy and are mad that it isn’t turning out like Las Lindas.

As content creators, Skidd and I don’t anticipate our comic to be universally loved. If other people dislike it and complain for whatever reasons, then that is their beef and not ours. The old adage ‘You can’t please everyone’ comes to mind. We are doing our best to write a story *we* enjoy, it’s not perfect and we have much to learn. However most importantly – the comic is fulfilling and joyful just to do. We are grateful for all the fans who have supported us to allow us to do this. Hopefully we can bring an interesting and fun read to our audience.

Well, by now it’s gone beyond them being unpleasable and right into what seems like some weird vendetta against the two of you. Like I said, their “complaints” are becoming increasingly desperate and self-contradictory.

I, on the other hand, am greatly enjoying what you do. It’s honestly the best regularly-updated thing currently on the site that wasn’t brought in as a guest series from another site, and I admire that you’re apparently going out of your way to make sure the comic doesn’t fall into the same pitfalls as a number of other comics here AND using a story you developed in advance.

with the amount of haters online these days along with other boastful, egotistic, arrogant, careless schmucks, I start to consider that mankind as a whole might just not be completely ready for such a technological advancement. What I mean is that everyday we see these things and they signify a misuse or rather a-buse of technology. The computer is meant to be a tool for knowledge, not a toy to played around with as one pleases. yet the reason for such abuse/missuse of power lies in the advantage of sheer anonymity, thinking that because no one knows who you truly are online, you are free to say and do whatever you want.

If you ask me, I think that these problems may one day lead to certain laws being passed about internet usage. The way I see it, internet use laws could be eerily similar to laws towards automobile motorists, wherein that worldwide web usage will become a privilege instead of a right. Therefore, after a certain number of offenses, an internet abuser/misuser would have their privilege taken away from them, much like an repeat offender of driving under the influence, road rage, etc. would have their driving license discharged. There’s also the possibility of sending government representatives over to the homes of these perpetrators, and request that they pay a fine for their actions, much like how the IRS sends their agents to the homes of people that do not pay or miss a payment on their taxes and inform them that they are being audited, and like IRS agents, you can’t get rid of them because they’ll just keep sending people over.….death and taxes, my fellow readers…death and taxes…

I know this has nothing to do with the comic, but it’s interesting concept to say the least…even though it seems like an idea made up by a totalitarian or a fascist

madness…madness upon stupidity…I’ve never read Las Lindas, but just from the context of your words, I can see what you’re getting at…so yeah I agree, these jerks need to realize its impossible to satisfy everyone when it comes to comics, movies, video games, books, television programs, music or any other form of media. If they don’t like it, why don’t they go off and make their own stories or rather show us all how they think the story should be done by making their own versions.

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