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I read the last panel as, “Learn as a unit, you will.” I think the line-break was at a bad spot.

he sounds like Yoda when you read it that way

Upvote you, i shall…

this is getting ridiculous

Do or do not, there is no try

hit the target you must, or kick your ass i will

(mysterious, spiritual voice, Alec Guinness-esque) use the force, pupils…let go…trust your feelings.

“all brothers” when middles a girl?

‘You will all be brothers and sisters’ or ‘You will all be non-specific gender close knit relationship’ just didn’t sound as good.

Sooo… lawful good, right?

And man, did those cadets mood really lighten up after that bullseye.

Yep… Kylar is Lawful Good, Kibbles is Neutral Good, Sesame is Chaotic Good, Mason is Lawful Neutral,Claire is True Neutral and Farron is Chaotic Neutral. We have some other characters that fall into the evil category but can’t quite reveal them yet. I suppose Dante would be a Lawful Evil..

Just had to sign up to say, that grey tabby cat looks so much like my fursona! XD (A few detail markings(and gender I am guessing) are different but the fur/eye coloring is the same.) *Not saying it is a bad thing, as tabbies are fairly common and all that…. I just thought it was neat. 😀
Loving the comic by the way, been following it off and on since the first few pages just haven’t ever posted.

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