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He’s such a good string character…I just hope his “Morally Apprehensible personal life” doesn’t get out. If it did they poor guy would probably be ruined.

Sad part is, this means it is straight late medieval times based. If it was early medieval times, late roman times based then it would not be morally wrong so to say.

did I just see that???

See what?

the kiss

Nothing wrong with being gay

Homosexuality’s different or unexpected but certainly not crazy.

It’s like getting a cherry-flavored pepsi when you expected a regular pepsi. Similar to how I accidentally walked in on my roommate and found out he was gay (with another guy). XD

Nah, I’m not into guys. Just indifferent to a person’s sexual orientation. It was a little embarrassing but in my opinion, walking in on two guys having an intimate moment is no different than a guy and girl having an intimate moment. For me, It’s really about the atmosphere. My roommate’s the typical buff sexy jock type that would make any girl (or guy) fall for him. The fact that he’s gay just means that there’s less competition.

Yeah, I’m the optimistic type. XD

Look whilst I don’t get the attraction some guys have for other dudes, there’s nothing wrong with it as long as their not doing anything illegal (liking having sex in a crowded mall :P) but of course that applies to everyone.

Your welcome to your own opinion/preferences but that doesn’t give you the right to insult them. (ie. Saying there’s “Nothing right about it”

There is nothing right with Christianity or any other copy paste religion yet the wisest among us have yet to terminate them from existence so why must thou advocate against someone else’s own right to exist? if their existence does not hinder your own than it shouldn’t matter to you, don’t like people of the same gender? don’t date em. practice what your religion preaches not what bigots do. Preach love, tolerance, forgiveness and compassion.

Wow. Now first of all, what do you have against gay people? Don’t use the ‘I’m christian’ excuse, because i am too, an i find gay people not offensive in any way.
when god said ‘man shall not lay upon man’, he didn’t mean ‘if you see a homosexual, treat them like aliens, like they killed your family, or that they are devil worshipers.’ And i find it ironic how i’ve never met a mean gay person, but i find plenty of mean strait people.

I’m Christian too and I agree with you. Don’t treat them any different. Yeah they’re in sin, so what? So are you. So am I. All sin is equal. We should focus on spreading God’s love and show people that people like the Westboro Baptist Church should never even be called Christians. God doesn’t hate “fags”. He hates sin of all kind, but he loves his creations, and that includes you and me.

So i’m guessing that the Clair and Kyler shi has sunk before it hit water, huh?

I meant “ship”. sorry.

It’d be a bit too easy if every male protagonist paired off with every female wouldn’t it? :3

On the plus side, it means Claire is still open for potential suitors.Then again, Kylar is the only one in a committed relationship at the start anyways.

OOOhhh so they’re a COUPLE! 😀
Okay now I get it why I felt weird that Joel is a guy. … I mean you know. … Their behavior. … That Joel was making breakfast. … Ya know like a nor… Ummm let’s just pretend I didn’t say all that and didn’t make myself look like a horrible person. O_o”

Morally reprehensible… balderdash.

I’m going to start using that now. Balderdash. Balder-dash. Balderdaysh. Bah humbug.


Indeed, I second this notion, yes.

You realize he’s “agreeing” to what he thinks is an affirmation of homosexuality being morally wrong, correct?

……>.>… sorry, guess I was thrown off by the long hair on Kylar, I thought he was actually a she… >.>… it took a little too long for that to sink in for me I guess.. >.>

Don’t be dissing his hairstyle yo! Also really? There is absolutely no boobs there.. even Sesame has a little bit of something there (also hips).

actually, it was primarily the hair style that indicated a feminine voice, and then in the last comic, right when he was leaning over to move the tray, the way his shirt was hanging indicated there might have been SOME bust, plus it’s just the coloring of the under shirt I suppose >.>

Uhm okay, well it seems you weren’t the only one confused. Sorry. Neither Joel or Kylar speak/act in a stereotypical flamboyant-effeminate way. They are rather unassuming gay men that otherwise from a few grooming behaviors aren’t noticeable from any other male character.

However the Innkeep horse-guy is definitely a flamboyant gay type.The majority of our LGBT characters are pretty much like anyone else except their sexual preferences vary from our straight characters.We only have like 2 campy characters.

As I said in the previous page I imagine Kylar’s voice to be similar to Tom Hiddleson (the guy who played Loki from The Avengers/Thor) – his normal voice not the role of Loki. =p

I am glad that you went with this i am going to enjoy the story about these 2 and having a male couple in the comic like this i knew few that dont act like the typical stereotype homosexual, they act and look like heterosexual males the both of them and this is natural for them.

I have to admit, when I saw the first concept picture of Kylar several months back my initial reaction was “awww she’s cute”, I of course read in the bio later that Kylar was male, and I was simply like “oh, my mistake”.

There is nothing wrong with long hair on guys, I wish I had hair like that sometimes, but at least in that initial pic it just made him look a little effemine to me, though I have no trouble now seeing he is male. As far as the flat chest and small hips, there are women that have it that bad off, just like Kibbles has it that good off XD. I like to call those mousey girls, (no insult intended at all).

wait wait wait, he’s gay, or is that a flat chested girl?

You read the page right? Kylar refers to himself as a man – Joel pretty much a male-only name. They also have no boobs/hips/eyelashes that otherwise would indicate female.

Also why would their relationship be taboo if they were in a heterosexual relationship?

Actually I was also under the impression it was a woman, and thought “from a man in my position” was implying that the military was against high ranking females or something hence why “she” would try and adhere to how a man of the position would act. Well at least I know now xD

I personally have nothing against other people’s sexual preferences, the only thing I can’t stand is the PDA,

PDA? Personal Digital Assistant?

lol, Public Display of Affection

it only bugs me if its the PDA where they go overboard with it

so in other words, your ok with people being gay but you disapprove of anyone, no matter what sexual preference, doing something such as making out in public? eh, to each their own in that case. It’s known that such displays of affection in public can make others feel uncomfortable psychologically…also, said action was used to avoid suspicion from enemy agents in a certain recent Marvel comics based film.

Oh pleeeease tell me Kylar is a large ham

*checks Urban Dictionary* A ham as in.. a badass? Or ham as in a goofball?

Large Ham, according to my knowledge from TV tropes it means someone who acts over the top like a villain that wants to really stand out. Or more simply someone with a large booming voice…

Kylar can speak with a loud-booming voice, as per expected who is a top-dog in the military having to bark orders and command authority. He also likes to give over-the-top speeches be it motivational, about justice or ravings about his past experiences. ‘When I was a boy I was inspired by a charming tale that told of.. blahblahblah’. Next to Claire he is the most ‘talky’ of the characters.

He doesn’t act like a villain, more like a cheesy-super hero or boyscout at times.However he knows when to be polite/proper and civilized too.

as in someone who’s dialogue is filled to the brim with UTTER MAGINIFICENCE! or basically someone like Guy or Bang Shishigami, you know, full of energy and really drumming up their dialogue, comedically dramatic or something like that, I’m having trouble thinking of appropriate words for it

What if the King actually reads your comic? It won’t be a secret anymore…

And,,,,, well, I wanna see Kylar and Farron have to share a bed lol… you know, for financial matters?

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