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now the watcher interference in kibbles trial makes sense

ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till a sorcerer comes along mind controls you all!

im uncorruptable

is it just me or does Claire look older with her hair down??

I believe it’s the glasses, makes her look a bit more mature for lack of a better word

my next question is where did she get the glasses??

is it just me or did kibbles chest suddenly get bigger after she removed her clothing? weird but cute.

She didn’t grow any larger.. it’s just you are focusing more on her boobs because she has less clothing on XD;

To be honest, I notice her breasts are changing sizes in every comic page. What is up with her breasts? Do they hold some kind of unknown power of their own?

No.. They don’t.. They’re just breasts.. If anything you can blame me.. keeping consistent with the size is hard sometimes.. I’m not changing them on purpose.. so please..

I too suffer from the inability to draw nice boobs. I know I can look at them all day long, but to draw them… I normally blame the fact of not getting to play with them enough, but sadly..

oh and it does look like she is a heavier girl in that pic though….

I was making an joke, I don’t mind the fact the breast sizes changing size, I know it is very hard to be consistent when it comes to drawing. Don’t get down on the fact it isn’t consistent, it is an struggle that all artists deal with. Now if you consistently change hair color or key aspects of the character, that is an different story, it ruins consistence in any story and makes it harder to follow.

I have a hard time with hands and breasts, so don’t feel bad, I make the same mistakes when drawing. On the other hand, if you change key aspects of the character throughout the comic unless it is deemed so story wise, you ruin the comic and makes it harder to follow.

hehe let me guess she has a silicone breast pump that deflate/inflate them .., and yeah its hard to keep them right size when you draw a character that do have large breasts they can tend to look bigger and smaller at times while trying to make them stay the same i mean its harder to draw big breast but when you character has dolly parton’s breast they tend to get bigger all the time, its easier to to draw character with smaller breasts or flat chested

you’re* my friend

Just to save a bit of time of searching. Fleet means that in panel 5 there’s a typo and Sesame says “your my friend” instead of “you’re my friend”.

3 things I gotta say here.

1. The girls are gonna be together for a long time!

2. I feel really bad for Kibbles and her current situation.

3. Kibbs looks beautiful with her hair down! And her night time cloths are sexy! *Woof*!

on another note, here are the voices I feel suit the trio:

Sesame – Olivia Rose Olson (the voice of Marceline the Vampire Queen in Adventure Time)

Kibbles – Tara Strong (at what sound pitch? I’m not quite sure)

Claire – Hynden Walch

………oh hey the last two both voiced Harley Quinn…cool.

Interesting, I never imagined Sesame as Olivia Olson — but I absolutely love Marceline. I figured she would sound more like Jennifer Lawerence — certainly a more boyish kind of rough sounding female voice.

For Kibbles certainly could imagine lots of voices Tara Strong could do that would fit, maybe something a bit Natalie Portman -esque?

Claire’s voice is the hardest to place, but its pretty funny imagining her having a Harley Quinn-esque voice.

Is Farron going to get involved? also Kibbles eye white is lighter in this page than in page 48. just a little tid bit

Farron,Mason and a new character we have yet to introduce but our final protagonist (also male) named Kylar will all be teaming up with Sesame,Kibbles and Claire ! The way the males join up with the females should prove pretty interesting for fans I hope -especially Farron. X3

hmmm…a large natural satellite, orbited by a smaller satellite, orbiting a class-m temperate and habitable planet in the ‘bio-zone’ of a yellow star?

Not exactly a common occurrence, no matter how many stars have been explored. For instance, our scientists have found hundreds of planets outside the solar system.
All the earth-sized planets have been far outside the bio zone (and frozen) or far inside the zone (and burnt cinders).
All the planets even close to the bio-zone have been Jupiter-sized or larger (completely uninhabitable by life as we think of it)
None have the spectrographic image of oxygen needed for life as we know it and none have satellites even close to the size of the planet they orbit.
Look at the solar system. Only earth has a satellite (or satellites) massing more than a ten-thousandth the size of the planet it orbits and only earth has life (as far as we know).

Why do I mention this? Well, Clare hasn’t noticed this, but when she does, she might know EXACTLY where she is by galactic standards. The discovery of this planet in her time would have been VERY well publicized. After remembering that, she’ll start noting other galactic signs of her location. How this jives with the time line as she knows it would be another thing.

Why does “Sisterhood of the traveling pants” come to mind?

alright hold up a second i got some questions….

1) Did the health potion from faron heal sesames burn?
2) If the potion can heal um…..idk how to say this, outer body wounds? IDFK couldnt they just buy a potion for kibbles?
3) Skidd, tehphuffes the art is amazing! how can you draw this good?
4) did claire always have white eyebrows?
5) lol 69 comments im mature i swear.
6) how old do you have to be to like, wander around in this rpg world? i have seen no children.
7) Thank you for reading post thoughts below. if i can end it with a question mark is it a question? =P

1) No, they used medicine on Sesame later that actually did help. Farron was just scamming her at first.
2) They could, but we are just keeping it consistent, Kibbles has more on her mind now then clearing up a bruise.
3) Lots and lots of practice for many many years.
4) Yes, they are kind of like markings as-well as eyebrows. Think of a husky or something with ‘white eyebrows’ and you get the point.
5) …
6) It would be advised that you were an adult before adventuring out in an dangerous world. There are children,babies,elderly,middle aged – ect too – we just haven’t had a chance to showcase them yet in the story.

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