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So they know that she almost killed three of them in one hit and they are threatening her? They’ve got serious balls

“You stupid fat dog”
I see what you did there ;3

could you tell me, I cant figure it out

There is a common insult which is synonymous with “dog”.

you mean, there is a synonymous expression to “female dog” (whose original meaning is known by few) that is commonly used as an insult, regardless of wheter the subject actually is a dog (or even female).

In a land where intelligent females of all backgrounds are available, that particular ‘insult’ would have no power.

Indeed, it would not be considered an insult. In fact, Kibbles is one and calling her that would have been a statement of fact, not an insult.

Claire is a ‘Vixen’ (female fox) and that has other implications which are lost in translation due to the environment.

There are other ‘animalistic’ tags which lose their power in this webcomic. For instance, a male dog (or any male canine) would be called a ‘stud’. The only male we have seen to be even close to that activity is definitely not a canine.

I get it now, but why not just use the other word

For some reason the last panel makes me think of the Ginyu force from Dragonball

They need to do a dance, and follow up with a pose.

lol, that’s what i keep thinking they’re going to do

Kibbles, just cast your “heal” spell that you used the first time you encountered those jerks.
Oh, and nice reference to Battlestar Galactica. ๐Ÿ™‚

“Heal” more like hellfire tru? anyway phuffus is kibbles just really bad at magic or is there some kind of weird thing going on with her. I bet claire and sesame are gonna kick some ass but then kibbles will try to attack and accidentally heal them that would make my day

She’s just really bad at magic.

is she one of those who is just extremely untalented or is it cause she didn’t have a proper teacher??

that’s exactly what I mean. She is bad at controlling her magic, but she is very powerful (like an 18-wheeler without a steering wheel).

The profiles admit this and hint the problem may be her mentor skipped a few chapters while teaching her.

Oh boy this won’t end well…

at least you don’t have to dig the graves


that wasn’t a joke, I actually dig graves


Guys, I know this will sound crazy (or just paranoid) but that orange cat aside from Jazmin, it has the same symbol that was in Sesame’s letter.
It’s crazy I know. Cool cameo by the way.

I noticed 2 things:
the Leroy jekins reference in pannel 2,
and also, how is the cat that died his “little brother” if they’re twins?

Because even twins have an ‘older’ and ‘younger’ hierarchy. The one born first.. even if it’s by a couple of minutes is generally considered the eldest where the last one is considered the ‘baby’ of the duo. Twins don’t come out at exactly the same time, so it’s who got dibs on taking their first breath or whatever. Didn’t mean for the confusion, just thought that was pretty common knowledge.
Also yay, someone got that reference. Did you notice he is eating some sort of poultry too? =p

I should add it’s not just a joke, his name really is Leroy.

5 tiny things:
1. How could Garrett know who Kibbles was before the other two noticed her if, in fact, the two never met? or has Garrett been doing that to every large brested dog woman that pops in?

2. Isn’t it ironic that Garrett would accuse Kibbles of killing his brother in “cold blood” with a fire spell so powerful it roasted him alive? (sorry, that is the closest thing to a bonus nugget (like cameos) that I can find due to my not knowing much lol)

3. What is Sesame looking at? it looks like she was distracted when talk about money came into play

4.I get why the gang hasn’t change outfits, but…. why is the shop keep wearing the same clothes? wouldn’t he smell like smoke?

5. This might be insane, but if “Nobody fucks with (them)” does that not state that the only three sum or more that they would ever get is a gay four (now three)sum involving the twins, Leroy and Rowan? Or am I reading too much into this?

1. Garrett overheard her talking about lighting the place on fire and connected the two things.
2. ‘Cold Blood’ refers to killing someone with malicious intent, it isn’t the method of killing (i.e. being incinerated) as it is the murderer’s intent. Even though Kibbles unintentionally killed someone due to a faulty attempt at magic.
3.Sesame is contemplating about the anonymous letter she received earlier and wondering if her friends may be some sort of informants/spies or just who is following her. She also is kind of being ignored by Claire at the moment.
4. They have multiples of the same outfit.
5. They are just trying to sound badass. Gene and Garrett did not have an incestuous relationship.

1. That was a little jump though…
2. I know what “Cold Blood” means, but I was talking about the irony given the temperature… like Jack telling his mom “Don’t have a cow”
3. wow… she must be into something big!
4. hmmm… I should try that…
5. I know, I was just nitpicking. This was the second quip that I gathered humor from… People tend to say quite odd things if you take another look on it…

After noting the cute orange kitty watching Sesame and company on the sly. I decided to check the cast to see if she was in there.

There are two new entries, but no background on them. There is a fruit bat necromancer and a Timber Wolf prince.

I bet the necromancer will really confuse Claire. Also, they’ll probably think Proto is a golem.

I also note Kibbles said nobody died when she torched the bar and she is surprised when the angry cat accuses her of killing his twin. Could it be she actually didn’t know she incinerated someone?

Oops, NOW I see the caption and see my supposition is correct.

Valmont and Drayven’s bios will be added once they are introduced – it’s so not to give the plot away too much. But I guess just a tiny bit enough to rouse some interest in those who care to look.

I’m glad people spotted the spy in this page, I was worried it’d go unnoticed.

Oh now come on. A high percentage of your readers are active or former RPG players. Attention to details is a given.

If we don’t mention a detail, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t noted.

For instance, you said she was a spy. That means the likelihood she will actually meet with the group and/or talk with them is very, very,… VERY… low.

So you’re going to include a prince in the cast? -rolls eyes- I guess we will have to prepare for a ‘spoiled brat’ who is out to prove himself to his parent(s), to the ‘people’, and to himself. I also see this as a method to introduce a certain archer.

That necromancer is going to have a time figuring out Proto. She won’t be able to detect ‘true magic’ in his animation, but may detect the force animating him (electricity). I can’t wait to see what happens when she tries to animate him with her own magic.

At first, I thought Garret shot a bottle in Claire’s hand.

I was initially confused when the BOOM and smoke of using a black-powder weapon (the only firearm we know exist here) were not displayed.

Looking closely, I note Garret had the bottle in his hand the panel before, so he threw it to get Kibbles’ attention. I’d say he succeeded. I have to wonder if he checked his intelligence at the door with his coat and hat.

Kibbles has already proven she is a magically powerful (if haphazard) mage. She ACCIDENTALLY incinerated his twin and didn’t even know it. Now she has companions.

One companion is an obvious warrior who could be a major problem (Sesame).

The other companion (Claire) is larger than normal, obviously in good physical shape, and (this should raise all mental alarms for anybody facing adventurers) doesn’t seem to be carrying any weapons.

Checked the third chapter and saw a pile of ashes, so I guess i’ll be rooting for the Guild Bros, except for the white rat.

You know, everyone in the comments is saying “omg kill those jerks!” but is that really warranted? Look at it it from their point of view: They just found the girl who killed one of their party members (the guy’s brother even) and burnt the others unprovoked. They may be jerks, but their attack here is not entirely unjustified.

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