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Is this the same town where the story originally started at, where Kibbles also set a group on fire? Since she did say she’d pay off the damage she had done.

Friendship is magic

That and deadly chocking hug as well, but I guess that wouldn’t be an appropriate title. X)

BTW now that you mention it Kibbles DOES remind me of FS with a bit of PP in the mix. ๐Ÿ˜€

The ditzy, big-breasted female is such a tired trope. I get it’s too late in the comic to just change a character, and I get artistic licence, but you could really use to tone it back on Kibbles tits. They literally add nothing to the comic except an alienation of your female viewership.

1) Assuming all to Kibbles character is that she is a ditz, simply because she is innocent and has an optimistic view on life, she shows kindness,maturity and generosity. Kibbles is also has a more snippy and dominant side to her personality that hasn’t come into play yet. She’s 18, like most girls her age she just wants friends to hang out with and to have fun.
2) As a female myself, women come in all shapes and sizes. Kibbles being a thicker woman is just apart of her design – real women can look like this. If you don’t think so, you should go outside. We try to represent a variety of body types and if the only thing you can think about is a character’s tits while reading a comic (even though they are covered up) then you’re the one with an issue.
3) It’s not your comic, if you don’t like it you don’t have to read it.You really made this account just to make this one comment? After 47 pages?

she’s outrageously curvaceous and absolutely adorable

Phuufy, I admire your mature and intelligent approach to dealing with this harsh little critic. usually around the internet, I just see people getting all butthurt and starting flame wars…what you did however reassured me that there are people who get how to properly handle harsh negative backlash.

I’m thinking as the comic progresses, they’ll slowly start getting along more…..and I still think that when Claire goes (briefly Ala Doc Brown) “BACK TO THE FUTURE”, she might actually miss evyr…… all obviously know where I’m going with this…or not.

hmmm… something’s a miss story wise. If Kibble has enough money to pay off her dept of destroying the place, and enough money to then buy food, why didn’t she just buy the gun for Claire in the first place?

I explored the possibility that she gained the money from either that legendary monster she got scared of, or a lot of monsters a long the way, but isn’t a party thus bound to share the booty? So Sesame would have had enough money to buy a cool new sword at that cut…..

So confused….

This comic got a accidental nod in the anime I follow (RWBY by Rooster teeth).

The anime’s main character (named Ruby Rose) used to wear a red cape fastened to her collar much like batman or superman have. In the third episode of the second season (came out last thursday), she switched to wearing a ‘wrap-around’ exactly like Sesame’s.

Yeah the flowing scarf/cape aspect on the main hero isn’t really original of a concept. But at least it helps Sesame stand out from the rest!

That is very true, but it is rare for the main character to change style unless it is part of their ‘style’ to change frequently (example: Marvel comics’ Wasp is a fashion designer and changes at least twice per comic)

I mentioned it because Ruby and Sesame both sport red capes (though Sesame called hers a scarf) and the change was part of an overall change for Ruby’s entire team.

I just noticed… are the three “tears” in Sesame’s scarf actually a guild or family crest?

I’ve read all the comics to date and I still form the same sentence in my head every time I see Kibs.. Damn that girl’s gonna have bad back problems when she’s older..

First of all: 4 years! I’m happy I found you guys in the early days. It was a great trip so far and I hope it’ll keep on going for at least as much. ๐Ÿ™‚

Second: Fine booty! ๐Ÿ˜€

Third: Oh. I LOVE that small tail hole cover on the jeans. I’m pretty sure that that’s actually how they’d go about hose things if tails were a common thing.

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