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Well its my opinion but I think they get a little bit too mad in a very short time. Also I love panel 4.

People seem to think it either started too quickly or ended too quickly. We have plans to keep the tension residual for pages to come.I figured Sesame still has alot on her mind from the anonymous letter she just received.

First of TL;DR!

Persons can be polarizing in both ways about Topics which is still tearing their mind, Claire need to rely on Sesame but in the same moment she don’t like her, that, plus her own personality in Terms of Arrogance and the Feeling to be superior through the power of being a Technician, hench she made a Teleportation/ Time machine, for a frigging convention to impress some other “Nerds” ( not that sure actually and to lazy to check at this late hour 3:04 am ) … yeah deal with it! ^^
To be Honest, it seems you never had to work/ live/ spent time with peoples which you can’t “stand”, but the PEG-6 or for what the comic is rated for, prevents me to go deeper about that topic– fortunately, in this case.^_^
( If i’m wrong with my “accuse”, i’m sorry, but i didn’t mean School and / or privat activities, it’s more about the situation where you can’t go forward on your own because you have to haul the weight of others along the whole time, while the goal is all the time within reach, but can’t be taken, due their opinions or just out of consideration to not harm them… that much )
Due a … creative way of lifestyle. I had gotten some interesting impression of the species “Human” which are far worse than this little debate which has derailed on one page, while in my opinion the time IC( In Character) has passed for 1 hour due the whole fighting. ^^

and if we are going to analyze the panels.
You can observe a changed height of the Sun, which can be done by “accident” or be used as artistic way to represent the time which has passed by – this fight.
Well we can argue now about perspective and the differences which goes along for the height of the Buildings, the Sun, the Characters and Perspective , but that wouldn’t be fair anyway.

Because it has to be keep in mind before then by the artist, if we are going to nitpicking, and none loves Nitpickers .
Oh my, I just derailed like that both in the Panel *smirk*

RS;DR!, Hyaa counterfeit that abbreviation above ( Really short; Do Read! )
Peoples are likely to argue and blame each other if they can do,when something wasn’t discussed out completely , regardless of the fault of their own or dependencies for each other and other circumstances.

FUNquestion: why do people comment and argue with other peoples to discuss something which seems to be trivial, for the greater picture ? ( a stated opinion is an argument too)

I Loves that fourth Panel aswell, i just had gotten that “Fight” from Tekken on my mind above both. ^^

Honestly, I think Claire needs to calm down for a bit, Sesame did promised her to get her back with Proto and get her pod back. its seems Sesame doesn’t think its a good idea right now.

I have no idea what that last sentence said.

first of i couped/coined ( dunno if it even exists ^^’) it for Sesame’s point of view before they started to fight.
with this in mind, i do read this out of it and it makes sense for me in this context,
unfortunately that throws some question in the room too then but w/e .

“It’s best to say sorry, then, to stay calm to work together tomorrow.”

It’s best to say sorry,( as an addition) -> then to stay calm to work together tomorrow. ( so the 2nd bracket of that sentence is an explanation for what that sorry stands for)

it’s best to say then “I’m sorry” and stay calm to work together tomorrow.

Then =! Than is for non native speakers not that easy to distinguish,
without a Master of Philosophy for English literature.
sometimes not even for the Natives ^^

Native in the matter of Main-language 😉

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