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As someone’s who is paranoid that people are constantly trying to attack me (There’s reasons for my paranoia I won’t go into)… yes. All the time, lol.

I bet you’re left-handed.

As disturbing as the thought of being watched the entire time might be, the letter does seem intended to be more helpful then malicious…also that means someone else saw ya naked in the river besides Farron there Sesame!

Hmmm now I’m starting to be really interested in what happened with Sesame and who’s she looking for.
Also I’m with the others on this one. I’d say she’s just jumping to conclusions that it’s one of her new friends.

Just because one is an overly naive and clumsy mage who basically joined her for no reason, the other one is an obviously profit oriented merchant who helped her for no apparent reason and the third one is a weird and loud chick claiming to be from the future that has a bunch of forged papers with her at all times and why would… Okay you know what I give up. Sesame’s totally right to be suspicious of her group. O_o

I’ll be honest. I fully expected a black handprint with “We know.” written beneath it.

So you didn’t notice the ‘trademark’ on the note (to the left of the ‘signature’)?

I don’t recognize it. I never actually slept in any beds in Skyrim, so if it’s anything to do with the whatchamajigs then I wouldn’t know anything. ๐Ÿ˜

I don’t play skyrim either, but that is obviously some sort of identifying mark.

I suspect whomever is watching Sesame wants her to proceed with her quest post haste. They got impatient waiting for her and sent a little encouragement. Clare isn’t gonna be very happy about this unless Northon happens to be in the same direction as Proto went.

Grammar Nazi mode GO!!!

You don’t say “THERE is where you will find her”, you say “THAT is where…”.

She now suspects Kibbles or Claire. It would be ridiculous to suspect Farron, since she basically forced her presence on him.
Kibbles did follow her after meeting in the tavern (and maybe into the tavern). This would make her a valid suspect.
Claire came from ‘the sky’ almost as if she were aimed to join Sesame. Another valid suspect.

Sesame is overlooking one aspect, though. Keeping surveillance in this world can also be by magical means and/or does not have to be in your immediate area. I seem to remember a certain cajun-speaking sword thief who could easily be watching at this moment from afar.

Also, sometimes a clever ‘watcher’ can send a letter of alert BEFORE sending his/her agent in. The agent doesn’t necessarily have to know they are being used, either. In this instance, that could mean Mason or anybody else who is about to join Sesame’s little band.

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