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Fun fact:
It would be grammatically correct if Sesame said “I am she”. Needless to say, this is archaic.
Toodly dee~

Fun fact: Many kinds of grammar that seem totally archaic in English are perfectly valid German.

I see your delivery people went to the Back to the Future school of finding main characters in random places to make deliveries to.

Sesame Akane,

You caused a bit of stir in the Salt Flats when you
demonstrated the power of your ultra-kick. Not everyone is anxious for the
return of that strange little creature they call Proto.

I for one desire to see you grow and develop your talents. Evyr needs a true hero these days.

You should turn your attention to Andorin’s Forest. I understand
it holds a mysterious source of power that can only be unlocked by a member of the Akane Clan.


A Friend

At least you chose a cheetah to make the delivery.

For some reason (look at my avatar to see another, juvenile cheetah), I like that.

It’s not the same cheetah a certain one-eyed scam artist ogled, but that’s ok.,

Wow, their mail service is great. I can’t even get mine forwarded without the threat of bodily harm!

Eyve couriers have access to magic. I imagine they have all sorts of standardized spells to find the people the letters are addressed to and deliver them.

Also remember, Sesame was planning on coming here AND it is now apparent she has been here at least once already. It is probably planned that any message addressed to her was sent to this town with the foreknowledge she was due to come here.

First, before I start listing my things, I would like to thank the authors of Uberquest to have opened up Katbox for me… I haven’t been brave enough to start reading all the comics, but without you, I would have missed out on a lot. Thank you

1. That card kinda bummed me out… At least Claire could have put her age… but then it couldn’t be trusted….

2. A cheetah as a delivery person? how typical lol

3. I’ve noticed that Ferras (I hope I spelled that right) are all based on quadrupeds. Can you have a Monkey Ferra? Or Fish Ferra? or are those extinct races? you seem to have reptilians, quadruped mammals and birds plus one extinct race… I wanna see the return of Street Sharks here…

4. I think it’s a letter regarding the mysterious quest, but if not, it might be a drunken letter from a brothel requesting an audience with Sesame since a memory could not yet be forgotten….

5. Oh come on Sesame, you might have sent one man to the brothel, but with another man having just committed himself to a hellish night for you, at least you could have given Mason a kiss on the cheek as thanks.

1) Claire is just having fun at this point.
2) Yeah I know.
3) Fera can ONLY be land-mammals. There is no shark/fish people in Evyr.
4) Uh.. nope.
5) Farron would have went to the brothel regardless if he saw Sesame nude in the river, she just gave him more urgency than he would have previously had. Mason is being kind of sneaky himself, despite his previous abuse his uncle currently is too old/fraile to do much damage now. The day’s profit isn’t counted until night, so he still has time to make up money before then.

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