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Though I can’t quite understand Kibbles over-reaction to the picture, I find it cute that although she is the youngest Kibbles seems to be the most mature one. Claire seems to like to diffuse tense situations with humor, which I can identify with. I would like to see how she reacts to a situation where she has no choice but be serious, like if the others were hurt or Proto was in trouble.

I wonder if the mage’s physical body has an impact on the amount of mana their bodies can naturally store (prior to any possible training) and if so… just how much can Kibbles’ ultra curvy body contain?

Wow, that is almost exactly the magic system I have in the books I;m writing.

The only differences are:
1> magic in my books is mostly ‘color-coded’
2> the crystals can be carried and enable people who don’t have the ‘gene’ (only 1 in ten thousand do) to use minor spells if the crystal has been filled (by a real mage) with the correct color of magic.
3> there aren’t any machines that tap the magic source. The maximum tech in my books just (re)discovered steam propulsion.

Wait. Wait. Wait wait wait. Wait.
How did I not notice this before.
Kibbles is a ginger with green eyes. Ginger with gree- green e- A ginger with … with green eyarargrahghghghgh
;-; These characters… I love them so so so much.

Am I missing a reference here?

For some reason, green-eyed redheaded women are considered the rarest and most beautiful type in many cultures.
In fact, in the SciFi ‘Lensmen’ series, such a woman is considered the ultimate woman. One even becomes the ONLY female Lensman. She is called the “Red Lensman”.

~2% of people have green eyes, and ~2% have ginger hair.
that’s .04% of green eyed, red headed people, or 1 out of 2500 people.
For girls, it’s 1 out of 2500 girls which naturally halves that. (1 out of 5000 people)
Source: No one really knows the numbers so doesn’t matter.
Now I could get into age-groups and what not, but even if Claire could deal with the maths, Kibbles would probably set me on fire. With a Silence spell, of course!

Why am I picturing the vomiting scene from Family Guy?! DX

Oh thanks for that imagery that you just think about

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