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Well we have couple now.
Oh and the uncle should be coming soon, i have a hunch.

I expected him at the end of this page honestly.

Well at least we know who the first person that sword is going to be tested on.

Okay let’s not get into this whole “kill the uncle” thing too much. Seriously even if he’s an abusive jerk he can’t be just killed without proper proof or reason. What if it turns out that he’s some kind of a protector and is actually keeping Mason safe… by abusing him… and the whole whipping thing and… OH who am I kidding? Just dice him up Sesame! ๐Ÿ˜›

You know the 2 of you are great at handling emotion in your pages!! ๐Ÿ˜€



what does that mean??

Kawaii is japanese for “Cute!”

Wow… somehow Sesame feels so … real. I’m not sure what does it, but that was my first thought. Good job on her character!

Now what should I ship? FarronxSesame or MasonxSesame? :c

FarronxSesamexMason. Or FarronxSesame.

none of the above

Obviously it is SesamexKingSlime. GEEZ!

I imagine when that jerk of an uncle comes back he’s going to treat Mason poorly in front of Sesame, and then she – for a lack of a better phrase – will throttle him or show him what happens when you piss off someone with superstrength.

I suspect the uncle will tell Mason to join Sesame.

Have any of you ever considered Mason doesn’t know some of the detriments of making major enchantments? What if Mason doesn’t know about the scars on his back? I wouldn’t be surprised if Mason has another scar on his back… a very deep and long scar. What if Sesame sees that scar BEFORE the uncle returns?

It is possible Mason put some of his own life force into the enchantment without knowing he did. It is also possible he’ll have to stay close to that blade for a while (until his inherent life force regenerates in his body).

Dude. When you have scars that big then you’re going to remember how you got them. I don’t care how thick your hide is. You’re just pulling stuff out of thin air now.

Enchanting must be easier than I thought. Half an hour and he doesn’t even look like it took that much effort.

Or Sesame’s sword is beyond crap, so doubling it’s damage isn’t that impressive and only requires the cheapest of enhancements. I guess it could be either one.

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