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Badass. Not surprised though; Cats and Mice don’t seem to get along on this site.

oh boy *zooms off and came back with 8 huges tubs of salt popcorn and a tanker full of cola and some cups* this will get interesting got some popcorn and pop for everyone that wants to watch this

got any pretzels??

sorry fresh out


oh wow she took being called a rodent so offensively, i didnt think it was derrogatory but descriptive, then retaliating with filthy feline that was a tad insulting which escalated things to being called sewer rat to the classical bitch title (and it didn’t help she called Aria a whore either)

thank god the two ladies in my life are aware and perfectly fine with sharing me

mother and sister???

And this is why you HIDE when you think someone is sneaking up on you, so you can get the jump on them.

Also…have you been messing with lighting? Holy crap this page has epic lighting effects.

To be fair she thought it was another monster. And yes, we have been trying to put a bit more effort into the coloring of the pages ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you!

Sesame! Don’t get your broadsword in the water, that thing will rust faster than you might realize.

I just realized that Farron does not have his eye patch on at the moment o_0 that is just creepy

It’s just a socket, yes. So the name cyclops is even more fitting!

oh god…this page is just too freaking awesome, especially with the iconic leaf censoring XD…just too perfect, usually that would make me a bit mad, but in this case it is just hilarious and perfect! that coupled with the fact that she is blushing uncontrollably just makes it all the more perfect XD
poor sesame lol
GREAT job on this page skidd, this one to me stands out above the rest so far!

There can never be “too much of this”! I was hoping there’d be some “skin” since they’ve been clothed to the chin since page 1. Hoping Kibbles drops in for a dip without realizing the other two are already there. Good times!

and what would you think Kibbles’ reaction would be?

That’s all we need. A mage who has trouble keeping her spells straight in a no-stress scene (the tavern) suddenly getting THIS sort of surprise.

Well, since the comic is loosely based on fantasy RPGs, maybe Kibbles won’t have any spells ready (if you could say she ever had them ready)

Notice Claire (who has never had to worry about her noise level while sleeping) is snoring like a bullhorn and Kibbles (who probably had a teacher who disliked interruptions) is quiet.

Farron probably saw Sesame on her way to the stream, so he already knew she was there and the likely event when he made that telltale “splash” that got her attention. After all, even a rat needs to bathe on occasion and he was there first.

Now we know sesame has a purpose to going into the next village. This is a purpose she has informed nobody else (including her faithful readers. shame on you, Sesame).

Well to be fair, we’ve tried drop breadcrumbs about what Sesame is doing throughout the comic.

She has been stating she is on a quest since Page 1, on Page 2 we knew she was looking for someone. On page 15 when she confronts Claire she states she is on a quest and that Claire is messing things up with her pod, She reiterated this on page 19 where she explains to Claire an Kibbles that she is getting distracted from what she set out to do and 21 (that she has a quest she is on AND trying to help Claire) before Farron interrupts her. During page 27 we of course have the dream sequence where we elude to what her quest is about – she has to help her village! So we have been trying to state throughout the comic that she is a on a quest to go somewhere and find someone and that she is doing it to help people in her homeland.

But it’s always helpful to remind readers- especially something as important as the main character’s goals and the whole reason the story began in the first place.

I should also note that Farron wasn’t aware she started to bathe – he is just an innocent by stander. Of course he is probably working over a hang-over from the night before.

Wonderful consistency too. I particularly note the notches in Farron’s left ear when I say that.

I am wondering about that purple ring in Sesame’s hair. It’s just as consistent as any other vision in the comic, but it does not seem to be a head piece of some sort or a headband.

It’s just the shine of her hair. I do it differently then other characters to give the appearance her hair is very ‘straight’. Here the highlights are a bit wavy because their hair is wet.

Thank you for explaining it.
I feel like a real dunce for not understanding it. I should have, since you have been so consistent with all your work and (now that I look) the others also have their ‘hair-glows’.

This shows just how much detail you put into each character’s development. In the stories I’m writing, I have to be very cautious about rambling on with too much detail.

You do very well with it.

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