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So… Why “sir” when Claire is a woman? When speaking to a woman of authority it’s “ma’am”.

Proto has been calling her “Sir” since the beginning so either he just doesn’t have a concept of gender or his vocabulary is limited in that respect. 🙂

it is listed as a glitch that Claire never fixed

There are also some organizations that always say sir, it is independent of gender more often than we realize.

STRANGER DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STRANGER DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Gravedigger, you make me laugh at times like these

huh, it would seem im only funny when im trying to be serious

Those shadows don’t look to threatening.

unless its a type of tribe with masks

no matter how hard i try i cant see that as a threat.

…unless they’re all wearing Majora’s Masks…

For the night is dark and full of terrors….ok, I’m gonna have to start dropping coins into a jar every time I make a Game of Thrones reference….meaning it’ll have to be a pretty big jar….speaking of which, that sack Farron carries…where’d he get it? I might need one. heh heh.

Proto!!! Be safe little guy! Use you defense mechanism

“VIBRATOR MODE ACTIVATED” came to mind lol


Part of me says “Farron, so you DO have a heart!”

the other part says “If Farron was such a good *ahem* salesman, wouldn’t he have like a +5 in scavenging? thus making him an asset to the Proto Search 2014?”

Then the pouty little me in the corner says “Shut up… I wanna see another bonus comic…..”

Alex blew up the grade 4 science lab didn’t she?

Wow. First comment. That’s new.

I don’t think they give kids enough combustible material to do that,,,, But I can see something escalating while trying to “Watch carefully” at the leak of gas light on fire when your hair is dragging over it….

Ah yes. A new challenger has appeared! The ROOM. 😀

Also yeah it’s pretty relaxing to know that Alex won’t burn the apartment… but no one said anything about not recking it in any other way.

Also-also. Am I the only one who’s been shipping Alex and Pete in his head since the original comic? 😛

P.S.: Third panel. Jill says: “Just make make sure…” That MIGHT just be an error.

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