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I like how Sesame checked her backup before committing herself. Note how confident Claire is.

Nothing like a big, bad gun in hand to give confidence… until the misfire. Flintlocks are much more reliable than their competition, but we haven’t seen Claire do any of the preparation necessary for black powder weapons.

Obviously, neither Farron or Kibbles will be much help, so Sesame will be on her own (again) when Claire’s gun misfires.

This would be a good time to intro Mason or Kylar (the blacksmith apprentice and the archer). I suspect it’ll be Mason, if either. He could probably handle that critter without harming it. In fact, it might be his pet.

I like how Claire is very subtly taking pictures. No one in this era/plane/existence would know or care what she’s doing, and with plans of getting back home this would be a perfect opportunity to provide proof. But wherever will she plug in her battery charger?

This just gets better every page.
Sesame should be ok if she doesn’t get hit
Calling Claires gun fail and escape(or looking clueless doing nothing).
Kibbles…well whatever she does will be usefull since we all seen her “healing” and other magic.

Certainly on a different plane of existence/ alternate time line/ era/ world, no one would understand Clair’s curse words. Unless they are all universal?

She did get highly lucky that the first people she meets on Evyr speak the same language as her.

For the most part curse-words are universal, there are some things Claire will say that is confusing/strange to people of Evyr. And yes plot convenience! Haven’t thought much about languages other then having French/English as shown by Dante.

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