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Okay, I came up will a theory that I’ll call, The Man in The High Castle Theory, which is based on the the Amazon Prime series, The Man in The High Castle. CUE COD ZOMBIES THEME “Damned”! My theory states that each dream, like the one with that freaky Clarie and the other being on a ship that is being attacked by pirates are different events that are taking place in alternate universes in different times, much like the films in the Man in The High Castle. The incident at Carthill that the unknown Fera on that hologram have might have been a part of an organization that was trying to master the Ubers but it might of ended in disaster when something or someone from an alternate universe exited out his, her, or its universe and wrecked havoc and caused a short- lived crisis. After that the organization was soon hunted down for it and was dispersed. While one of the members, which was the unknown Fera, was recording a warning of the Ubers’ uncontrollable powers, he or she was being hunted down by unknown assailants. It remains unclear about the origins of the Ubers but on how these dangerous items were “forged by the gods”. That leads me to another theory about the mysterious organization that tried to master the Ubers but failed. The organization was formed during the Fall of Glynmoore and was assigned by someone to hide the Ubers and use their powers when it time comes. But the organization must’ve been destroyed by Alderian military personnel or by someone else. Now on to Sesame, Sesame can gain control of other lives of different Sesames in different universes but can only gain control for a little bit due to the Uber she has in her possession and it might’ve been a scarf to hide that it was an Uber. Her first dream that she experienced was possibly a alternate universe where Valmont tricked Sesame into giving him her Uber, achieved victory, and ruled of Evyr while Sesame and her friends went into hiding but she was secretly killed by Clarie for some unknown reason. So apparently these Ubers are tools of inter-dimensional travel but were too powerful to be used. I’m not sure if this is true or not but I’m sure the series will provide the answers to whatever is going on.

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