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Dude moves quick for hauling his life on his back! =^^=

Oh, and I like the explanation for why vanquished critters drop cash!

Oh Come ON! Don’t give into him that easily!
He tricked you, you tricked him and now that he’s having a big mouth you kick him in the teeth. It’s that simple. ๐Ÿ˜€

I thought about that too however now they are in a position to swindle

Sesame: Well we will see you here at dusk. By this tree and no later.

Farron: Yeah yeah. But don’t show up, and I will have the kingdom hunt you three down. It won’t be hard either, Scarfy!

Sesame: So be it. Come on gals, let’s g-OUCH!

Kibbles (End of the world): Sesame!
Claire: Are you alright?

Sesame: Damn these wounds! If only they were healed with that potion I’d get those monsters with a day to spare! Damn it! I used up the last bit of my cash on that stupid potion too. Sorry Farron, it might take me more time.*cough cough*

Farron: Oh for the love of… Here (throws an instant heal potion) just be back by dusk or else.

I really hope “cyclops” becomes part of this merry band of….. individuals.

Yes he will be. if you want to spoil the character cast go look at their deviantart

We have a cast page here on The Katbox aswell.


is he really threatening someone who has a gun? is that really the smartest thing to do?

Im sure he has more guns himself. Among many other things.

like the bullets?

Most likely but useually the merchants give you the bullets as well but he is a scammer so he proboly gave her a faulty gun… Plus he can poisen them if he tricks them then he can pull one if the many knives he might have and yes other guns or swords… Plus he might have splash potions then he can have all of this deadly weaponry… He even has a slow suicide weapon… The power of smoking!!!! He might have stones that give abillities and he can take one and use that ability and probobly wreck them up! Pretty much all merchants are dangerous… In mรฆ personall opinion…

Yeah, it would have to be VERY easy to kill, beings the fighter was NOT healed by the potion that she bought and the pistol that was sold is NOT likely to shoot until it’s been overhauled by a firearms expert.

Somehow, I don’t think Farron will be getting the money he thought he had rightfully swindled from Claire. She tricked him and he will stay tricked.

Is that a cigarette and a match? Neither of those were invented on earth until the 1800s or 1900s.

The technology of this planet is truly different from earth’s. Of course, there’s the magic as well.

Look for the wrist watches, folks. I doubt they have pocket watches yet.

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