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Ooohhh, so now I know who gets matched up with with Alejandra. Alejandra willing. Yeah, she seems like the kind who would be likely willing to play for the other team. But then what becomes of the puppy dog man? Eh, another threesome then. Or not everything has a happy ending. Someone could always die. Or it dies the usual death of a webcomic…. which is, no resolution, it just stops at some point.

wow. ok sesame you are not acting like yourself, tbh i thought with sesames personality n all how she holds herself, i thought that, over many pages ofc because mason is so insecure n shy, that sesame would act real non chalant about her whole crush n all and in the end they’d end up getting really like, foggy in the head i guess? is that correct? n end up giving in n probs having sex right there while everyone else was away

I’m expecting drama and missunderstanding and heart ache but what I want is for him to just say ‘Yes please!’ and for them to be happy together πŸ™‚ Maybe introduce some drama by having him get kidnapped by a giant, barrel throwing ape that Sesame has to rescue him from (if drama is called for). Keep up the great work! πŸ˜€

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