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eithers its a island natives ambush or a trap based from aladdin


hey wait a second, Aria’s tail wasn’t that fluffy at the beggining

Pirates aren’t known to have conditioner. See what happens when you leave the palace?

I always hear her talking with a southern twang and diego with a Spaniard overtone and Miles with an Aussie accent.

Fallon, you thought you were clever. I have to ask, what makes you think you were clever scamming a fighter with a VERY big sword?

Note to self, be very careful when dealing with Clare. She may be new to the territory, but she is obviously not new to dealing with ‘not-so-trustworthy’ people.

She called it a ‘sweet-looking pistol’. Why does that tell me she’s quite familiar with firearms and very possibly black-powder weapons? She didn’t go after the piece of junk she seemed so enthusiastic about last page?

I suspect we’ll find out VERY soon if Fallon will lower his price on a few items…

Clare: I want this and Sesame really needs a real potion.
Fallon: That will be…
Clare: I’ll tell you what I’ll give you and you tell me if it’s good enough.
Fallon: OK. what will you give me?
Clare (points pistol): your life.

Sesame is just annoyed she got scammed, not getting sick to her stomach. I think you meant to type Farron (Think the name Aaron with a F) and Claire, not Fallon and Clare. At any rate, the piece of junk was just a piece of junk, it was meant to just show Claire being a weirdo who has questionable tastes in purchases – she is the goofball of the group.

As for the rest, you’ll have to wait and see! :3

Looks like Claire knows something about firearms. She’ll get it working again. She has also now moved up to tie for first place in my favorite characters ( Kibbles is the other first place character ). So Sesame needs to step it up to move up the list.

really?…is NOBODY is going to comment on the fact that he asked for a note instead of gold?…some magical weird conversion rate that works for someone from the FUTURE?!?!? so not only was he swindled out of “20 note”…but he somehow was asking for a currency that DOESN’T FEASIBLY EXIST YET?!?! lol… but yeah…insta-karma is my favorite karma…usually.

The scammer got scammed! (Say that five times fast)

so after a 6 month vacation from this new “improved version” of katbox just swinging past to see if they will go back to the way things were and the intelligible format i used to love so dearly. if we move the ads below the commentary boxes here im sure it would get alot more use than it seems to be getting, i mean 6 comments in a week, used to be 60 in a day. Well anywho, yes Alex is cool easy to entertain, just give her a box of sparkly stuff she would be entertained for hours, not my type, cute and intelligent but too easily distracted and… Yeah short attention span is not my type, nor is the pointing out the obvious one of my likes. See you all later maybe in a month or two, i only keep up on two comics now, this and Two kinds.

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