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Is… Is that Gordon and Ginger!? That would mean… *DRAMATIC GASP*!!!! You guys seem to have been hinting at a connection between Sesame and Claire for a while now, especially since the last vision/dream given to her by the Ubers. And now it seems that Claire maybe wasn’t the first O’Connell to do the quantum boogaloo. Interesting! I can’t wait to see where you’re going with this.

There’s two things of Sesame Akane’s Nightmares, it couldn’t trigger unleashed resistance of darkness; the first of a 24 year old boy/man – Trace Legacy was a time has amnesia from stole memories of either Grand Templars (evil) and Ephemural(‘s) for destruction of Evil Trace past and presents. Next a two-souls become one by Sen-Mithrarin ‘Dust’, an Elysian Tail, he also have entirely nature to fight force of evil.
Now Sesame, can be next of power has to be stop force resistants’ out of control! It has gonna to be a way?!

Onivlas was under the impression that the scene next to Sesame’s head was her conception (in other words an image of her mother and father). That is clearly Claire’s dad, NOT Sesame’s (check the cast page). Sesame’s dad is a white tiger (page 92 February 2015 in the archives) not a fennec fox. THAT is what Sesame’s dad has to do with it. To sum up, that scene is NOT Sesame’s conception.

Are you really trying to say that Claire’s dad also built a transporter, went back centuries to nearly the same point in time and/or to the same alternate world and had sex with Sesame to create Claire’s ancestral lineage?

Only Skidd of Phuufy know for sure what that scene could mean. I hope one of them can chime in and clear this up.

How did you end up with my comments? This one and the one starting with “I’m pretty sure that’s Claire’s dad” (a reply to Onivlas Brony). I posted the one above (a reply to Lynnara Rosewater) over a week ago but it never appeared on the site.

Question about Patreon pledges … most creators set their pledge rates at a per-month rate; UberQuest says it is “per PAGE”. Does that mean if I pledge at the $1.00 level, and you produce 4 ‘pages’ a month (one per week), that I get dinged for $4.00?

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