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Great he speaks in third person narrative.

Farron, selling useless junk, wait, maybe that pendent that he’s tring to sell to Kibbles might be good.

I doubt very much it’s even close to what he says it is, but it just so happens Kibbles may be able to identify it.

That piece of junk he doesn’t know what it is sure has Clare happy. It’s quite possibly something which fell from her pod during its latest ‘flight’.

You might want to read the cast bios. You’ll see that Kibbles is just begining to learn magic. So she most likely see that pendent as a nice piece of ‘bling’.

I have to admit, she does have the mental attitude for that.

I suspect Sesame may be the cool head right now and will ask Kibbles why she would want that piece of jewelry, then ask her to detect any magic on it.

I have no idea how she’s gonna deal with Clare’s obvious enthusiasm for what looks like junk even to us readers.

Sesame, you have my respect now. even if you completely foul up in the next 10 minutes (which is quite possible with your record), being able to let Fallon survive has earned my respect.

To even declare you’re trying to help someone on top of it when you didn’t exactly get off on the best of terms with her (Clare), is also worthy of great respect.

Your resolve is gonna be tested real soon, too… in many respects. Clare is just too happy to see that piece of junk. It will be VERY important to her.

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