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aww no, no, no rex having squid romance this time around! good to know that that unicorn is now a rump roast to one certain lizard.

No just his leg became Rump Roast, look at the early Pages in the Archive, no Robotic Leg and now in this new Page he got a Robot Leg. Meaning he isn’t Dead just his leg got Harvested off and made into Rump Roast.

*Spoiler alert*

Too bad he is dead

Oh I don’t know, on page 16 he doesn’t have a metal leg, he does now…

WHY DOES SHE TAUNT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol because she Can.

Assuming his anatomy is vaguely human, he’s very dead. There’s a vital artery in your leg. If it’s punctured or broken then you’ll bleed out in several minutes. Johan’s been laying there for long enough, if I’m not misreading the time in the comic.

It kinda sucks, too. I thought he was a neat character.

The femoral artery doesn’t span the entire leg. There’d be no room for muscles or bones if it did.

Anyone notice Johan Robotic Leg, guess he didn’t become food for our hungry Lizard Friend, just his leg.

THERE IS HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gravedigger is pleased

That’s what she wants you think! It’s a conspiracy, man!

c’mon, don’t make Gravedigger kill you

Now I wish that this character hadn’t died. Alas, poor Johan.

we don’t know hes dead for sure

He was stabbed in the chest and large parts of him were cut off. If he’s NOT dead than I would love to have his healthcare.

ive survived a stab to the chest unless your stabbed in the heart a wound like that is survivable with immediate medical attention, and we don’t know for sure what she cut off.
and just saying, this is a comic with space travel so until they say hes dead there is chance Nixie is throwing us for a loop


oh that filthy animal! not cool. Claire really needs to craft herself a gun. its not too hard. well not too hard for her and mason combined. just need a good source of materials for gunpowder… and hopefully a rifling tool. muskets are easy to make but are wholly inaccurate. gotta put those contours in the barrel for bullets to ride along to spin. she’ll probably also need a bullet press. pebbles can only be so accurate even with rifling

Doesn’t she already have a gun? I’m pretty sure she purchased a flintlock pistol (from Farron, I think).

does she? i just assumed that there aren’t any guns in this universe (i think Claire traveled to another universe, not a time in the past) yet. considering that most fighting folk we see are all equipped with blades/spears/bow-arrows i just assume that guns haven’t been invented. or were invented but are in use in a far away land. i assume that as once you can build guns, you really should equip any soldiers/warriors/archers with them as they don’t require much training to use (mere months instead of years for swords and bows, longer for Longbows)

weird question why does it have a candle on it’s head? I know not important question but I can’t think of a good idea of it wearing a candle

The way it looks like he comes out of the depth of the cave. It is dark there a source of light would be helpful.

yeah but given what it’s riding a spider one of the most sound sensitive creatures in nature and that massive eye I would assume they are nocturnal by nature and therefore don’t really need a strong source of light (like a candle) to see

Sure. But being able to see in low light conditions still requires some sore of light source. Deep in a cave those barely to not at all exist so even nocturnal vision won’t help against near total darkness.

okay got to correct something I said earlier spider are not sensitive to sound but Vibrations and to carry on from that that is what the spider it is riding would be used for vibration not limited only to sound but movements and disturbances or lack thereof also spiders are strong omni-directional movement on the ground even up wall and ceilings

Sure. I don’t disagree with that. (Also the Spiders look strange.) But even if the spider creature has no problems you yourself might still want to be able to see which would require you to have some kind of light source. Like a candle on your head.

okay I agree with that but we don’t really know what the umm Kolbod(?)’s physiology allows I mean that eye is huge we don’t even know if it sees how we see could be utterly pointless and it has sensory organs that see thermal or something

I am happy that you are taking your health into consideration but to make sure everyone doesn’t just let this die can you please up date this with like commission or new fanart from the comic I think we can at least sustain for that

If I got any of that regularly, I would be able to do so. It’s a pretty rare occurrence though. I’ll think about posting what I’ve got so far, drip-feeding is another thing that I’d have to keep track of though, which kind of goes against the whole point of shelving it in the first place.

I understand, you need to look after yourselves first and foremost. And Thankyou for letting us know, shows great respect for your readers.
That said, Indefinite hiatus is a really scary term for a webcomic reader, some webcomics don’t come back from them.
I’ve been enjoying this comic, the characters and the conspiracy, so here’s hoping you guys get things under control and come back someday.

As much as it pains me to loose the comic for a while again I can totally understand and agree with this choice. I’ve already waited a few years when you did the restart and I’ve stuck around with several other comics on years long hiatuses so I won’t abandon you guys.

Take your time, relax, fulfill whatever life goals you have and if you feel like returning I’ll be here just as I was in the beginning… I mean, every few months or once a year, but still I’ll be here. πŸ˜€

Also just to have something to fill out the void in our hearts how about you share some of the stuff you guys are working on? Witch RPG had such a great impression on Kuu? Witch game(s) is/was Kuu working on or where can we get updates about that? πŸ™‚

A better place to ask that kind of stuff is on twitter or youtube or tumblr or something. The social media sites where I continue to pay some attention. I can’t drop *all* my hobbies and just become a hermit, but keeping up attention on the katbox specifically is something I’ve had more and more trouble with over the years. Plus I don’t want to continue updating this main page with random stuff – this hiatus page is the best thing to leave on the front for people. Putting together stuff like that for a comic page here is more of a presentation or needs work to make it visually interesting, etc…
Like, long story short, it’s more work. And I’m trying to reduce the amount of “more work” I have to do right now.
The stuff I’m able to publicly show is on my ArtStation. I’m not currently making games, so I have nothing to show there. And if I was, there’d be Non-disclosure agreements. I *want* to be, so that’s going to take time to job-hunt and reposition myself and probably move.
The game that shook me up was Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Oh, no-no-no! I didn’t mean that you should post what you do over here. I know what the concept of “shelving something” is. πŸ˜€

Just tell us where to look up the stuff you’re planning to work on, but if it’s a proper “Non-disclosure agreement” type job then I get it why that wouldn’t work. :/
So ArtStation you say? Okay I’ll keep that on check. πŸ™‚

Also, XC2 does seem interesting to me even all the mixed messages I get about it. If I ever get a Switch I’ll be sure to check it out.

you could always just do sporadic updates from time to time too, like work on a single page over the course of a month or a few months, that way you can still make a comic you love and not have to kill it off…..seen way too many great comics go out like this its sad really, and i hope that our world doesnt go the same way those others have.

by the way didnt this comic used to be different a few years ago? or am i thinking of another comic where all the chars woke up in these pods and had powers and met others outside living in a tribal nature led by this psycho chick?

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