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Ah! Now this is quite the nice, family meal eating page here.

But, while I do enjoy the page, I will say that Panel 3 looks a little off with the whole change in drawing technique here as it looks like Phuufy drew that panel while Skidd did the rest. Additionally, the gauntlet in Panel 4 isn’t fully complete.

I love this page, it really has a peaceful atmosphere. You guys are great at setting a mood for each page. After all these guys have been through over the last few days, they certainly deserve a good hot meal and a peaceful rest. I hope Sesame gets a good night’s sleep, but I have a feeling she may not be able to. Also, very sweet of Ses to bring Claire some food. Maybe after her nap and with a full belly she’ll feel better. Sesame’s cooking must be pretty good, as everyone seems to approve though I can’t help but wonder what that big bird tastes like?

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