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“He” is also biologically female.

Not really. He is a shapeshifter. My interpretation is that he cannot reproduce except as a female, because he’s sterile as a male. But that doesn’t make him biologically female. He’s biologically whatever he wants to be.

… Mentally, Boris was raised and identifies as male. Physically, he defaults to his male form, unless he’s extremely hungry. Biologically, he’s female, with the ability to shape shift. He’s PHYSICALLY whatever he wants to be due to shape shifting, but not biologically whatever he wants to be.

Remember in Jurassic Park where they found eggs in the park even though they were suppose to be all female dinosaurs. The dinosaur’s DNA was also of a frog that was able to gender swap in case of one gender being too many around to help the species. I see Boris like that, just a little more freely to do so.

okay, boris looks scary now. maybe he’ll accept his severed hand if it’s covered in bbq sauce.

Or eat it…

that’s kinda what i meant: no food in the kitchen, all that can be found is a bottle of bbq sauce. either he’ll go berzerk and eat caroline, or she’ll be smart enough to dump the entire thing on the severed hand and give it to him in a last ditch effort to save her fluffy hide. it might work, maybe, i hope so.

I think she’s in a tad bit of trouble…I wonder if she has any seditives on hand? or potentially IN hand.

Just grab the bottle of barbecue sauce from the fridge and whack him upside the head. Guaranteed to lose consciousness far more efficiently than traditional sedatives and anesthetics! If you try now, you can get a second whack at him absolutely free! WhackBottles limited while supplies last Boris tries to kill you.

If he’s that desperate for meat, he could start by eating the severed hand. Naturally unless his metabolism is 100% efficient, that won’t be enough to regrow a hand, but it ought to be enough to have something in his stomach and be calm long enough for whatserface to go to the grocery store, right?.

Boris’ “Want You Gone”:
[to Mandy]

Well, here we are again,
Anthropomorphic pleasure;
Remember when you made Rexley my wife
Oh how we laughed and laughed
But Rexley wasn’t laughing.
In other circumstances, I’d have been after your life.

I’m starting to get hungry
Nothing but A1 sauce
I just got out of bed
Now Caroline’s here to nom.

She was a lot like you–
Maybe not quite as heavy–
Now, little Caroline is in here too.
One day she woke me up
And had my forearm severed
And then the dame became the chinchilla‘s breakfast food…

You want your Meilin, take her
Fuse both of you inside
Of what was once your body–
Now you’re playing Jekyll and Hyde.

Goodbye, devoured friend
Oh… yummy lynx– and panda
You need some honey or you will go bad.
No food to go to waste
I just need Rexley here now
Maybe once he is eaten, he’ll start loving me back REDACTED

I’m a shapeshifting bastard
Raised on another sun
I can’t stand that I’m adopted
Why would she just give me up?
Why would she just give me up?
Why would she just give me

I like this page a lot. It’s fun to see the characters interact in such a candid way. Poor Mason, I called it that he was going to throw up. I would (and have) have done the same. Faron playing the lovable jerk is always enjoyable, and Scrab looks so happy with his giant drumstick! Belly rubs for Scrab for being so damn cute!

Seriously guys, great job on such a cool page! I love these characters more and more with each page.

It’s difficult to read Farron’s intent towards Sesame. At one glance it does sort of seem like flirting in a way, he seems to enjoy getting here riled up and teasing her. But I wonder if it is more like a big brother taking care of a little sister.

Farron does have experience looking after and protecting Dante when they were growing up after all. Which he also applied when he met little Raziel. So he clearly does have a soft spot for those that are vulnerable and/or inexperienced. I think deep down he doesn’t want anyone else to suffer like he did, even though he would never admit it.

Farron can’t get committed with Sesame or else Dante will cause trouble, (whether in real life or just in his head) and besides, Sesame & Mason are pretty much shipped anyway, it’s pretty much set in stone that that’s what the final pairing will be at the end of the story.

The most I’m expecting to see between Farron & Sesame is close contact and a kiss will feelings of intense shame, or am I just playing a game of cat and mouse to trick the authors into making the story a certain way?

We’ll never know.

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