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I really do feel bad for Claire… being away from her home and everything she knows… as well as her time period. I guess it would be easy to give up hope when the odds seem stacked against her getting home. I wish I could give her a big hug, the poor kid. I can’t say I wouldn’t feel exactly the same if I was in her shoes. I’m just glad Kibbles and Mason are with her right now, they seem like the best possible people to be with her while she’s in this state.

Your sadness is understandable Claire, but cutting off the people who are here now trying to be friendly and helpful won’t help you in the long run. Don’t underestimate them and don’t shut them out!

“travel” is the word that mason is having a hard time understanding?

I’d say the whole phrase “Quantum Travel” in general. Mason has lived a very sheltered life and in this time period there probably isn’t a lot of talk of theoretical physics outside universities and such. I get the feeling Mason is smarter than he thinks he is, but his uncle being the supreme douchebag he is has done nothing but tell Mason he’s stupid his whole life.

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