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“i’ve got some good things on sale, Stranger!”

Yeah I pictured him sounding like that creepy merchant guy too LOL

mmmmmmm, for some reason a Nolan North-esque voice comes to mind for me…I don’t know why, but I just hear that voice come out of him for some reason.

I’ll let the audience decide what they think he sounds like. But, he is not written to have a cockney british accent ala RE4 Merchant. Nolan North sounds closer to what I think personally, something casual and a bit gravely.

I do NOT see that. I do NOT see a firearm. I DO NOT SEE A BLACK POWDER, MUZZLE-LOADING, PISTOL!!!

I guess we now know what Clare will want to buy. Judging from what we can see of the mechanism, this is a flintlock. It is MUCH more reliable than a wheel-lock, matchlock, or trap door pistol.

I will take a wild guess and say Clare doesn’t have the money to buy that pistol. If she expresses an Interest, and reveals her lack of funds, Farron (the merchant/hobo rat) may suggest ‘other’ forms of payment.

This may go so far over Kibbles’ head she won’t hear the wings flap, but both Clare and Sesame will get it. Farron will ‘not-so-gently’ be convinced THAT form of payment will not be available… EVER.

Last night, I was thinking our intrepid trio were going to need a visit to a store for supplies and maybe even a meal. I imagined the following conversation:

Clare (shaken and scared): Kibbles, what is that?
Kibbles: Oh, that’s a painting.

Clare: I know that. I mean, what is it a painting of?
Kibbles: Oh, that’s ‘the grand lady’. You don’t know what that is?

Clare (shaking badly): yes, I know what it is. Explain it to me though.
Kibbles: Ok. The grand lady comes from the time before the ‘great event’. She comes from a time when everybody had great magic we can only imagine.

Clare (near weeping): Thank you, Kibbles.

Kibbles walks away as Clare looks at a painting of…
…the Statue of Liberty without her up-lifted arm.

lol RE4 totally comes in mind first
and dat gun lol old school probably sell for a high price
Btw thats one huge sack he has there that guy must be freaken buff

Now that im content with a male main charr. I wonder how long he will stick along :3
Keep up the good work guys

We have two more main male characters coming up too :3 !
Also thanks, we are trying our best.

the best way to keep up readers with a short attention span interested is to NOT tell us whats gonna happen.

but then again, you don’t have to listen to me, im kinda crazy

uh oh. I had another weird thought.

what if they ‘acquired’ the pistol and Clare sees (and reads) an inscription on it that the others can not read?

Hell, it doesn’t have to be on the pistol. It could be an inscription just about anywhere. To the others, it may be just funny decorations from a long time ago.

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