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the gay couple gonna ambush them, aren’t they?

Which “them”?

I’m guessing he means the ones looking for Kibbles, a.k.a. the ones Farron caught in a “compromising position.”

Farron is only 27 years old?? O_O
Based on his demeanor and world-weariness I had him pegged as middle-aged at the very least. Do people in this world have lifespans that vary by species, or do they live as long as ordinary humans?

well even in medieval times the average lifespan was just over 30
magic and alchemy may help that some here but who knows how much

Yup, cast-page is a bit scrambled, hopefully it’s not a difficult fix!

Yeah things got pretty scrambled with the Katbox being completely reworked from the ground up. I haven’t messed with it because I do not maintain the site, Mihari does. I can try to see if I can fiddle with it, but I don’t want to upset her Dx

Yep! We know he probably looked *much* older earlier in the comic because his hair was more gray-ish blue.. which is why its more saturated now. He’s kind of “seen some shit” and meant to look weary/tired. Fera have typical lifespans of humans – so living past 30 isn’t really uncommon at all! They live generally to their 70s-80s but sometimes 100s. Winsley is unique because he’s been corrupted by magic.. so his lifespan is extended to that of a normal Fera.

FunFact: Valmont is 30.

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