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What a violent scarf! Up until now I more imagined it’s properties like that of The Cloak of Levitation (without the flight) from Dr. Strange. But this shows its capable of blade-like attacks. How does fabric create a blade anyway?

“Did you think that only sharpened metal could form an edge? Don’t presume so much, boy! If you channel the right force into it, then hair and cloth can split flesh and shatter bone!”

– Shāng Bù Huàn: Thunderbolt Fantasy Episode 12

(Sorry, I’ve just never had a chance to appropriately quote that show before now.)

Of course Sesame is: “H…Huh…?” I highly doubt that she even knew her scarf is an Uber. Still I bet that Uber on her arm will fix that bite injury since her scarf kill that late Thanksgiving Meal, might as well leave the healing to the gauntlet to be fair about it. LOL X3

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