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huh. wonder why Farron’s concerned. he should just take the money and run. that’s what someone like Farron Claims to be would do.

He’s a man of business, and he’s just worried about his investment in that eye on her wrist

Nah, he says “hold on kid” talking about the person, if the creators meant him to care more about the item on the person he probs would have said “hang on, money” or “im coming, investment” because the writer most likley would WANT us to know how this character feels, and so would choose their wording accordingly.

In the last panel, “hold in there” reads very awkwardly, almost like you mixed up “hold on there” and “hang in there”

I hope these two don’t die, they are sort of main characters (Art especially), but I haven’t worked out if this is an “anyone can die” story yet or not.
However, we have confirmation that humans (or at lest the ones in charge) are heartless bastards who don’t really care about the “beast?” race, as they probably consider them “not human”.
Hope they get out of this, can’t wait for next update. Can’t decide if I’d prefer to have unfinished pages on time, or finished pages late. Do whatever so long as you let us know if they’re late I guess.

Okay, so I see two possibilities here. First, Art says something so kind and loving that Lina pulls it together, seduces the guard, kills him and they’re out.

Second, Art says something so incredibly bone-headed that Lina bites through the bars in fury and rips the guard limb from limb in frustration.

I know which one I’m betting on ๐Ÿ™‚

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