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Up until now, Jeston has really looked up to Kylar in every way, perhaps a bit jealous because of the difference in upbringings, but the respect was pretty obvious. Now though? Instantly changed, but what route could the change take? Will he try and use this knowledge to extort Kylar in some way? Afterall, if he were to try and turn Kylar in somehow it would be a low level soldiers word against an elites.

Nah, he’s too much of a fanboy to report Kylar, I sincerely doubt he’ll snitch really. You see, not that I have a problem with it, it’s easy to see what is probably going to happen. It’s pretty much gonna go “Code-Geass” on us. The recruit, who looks up at the hero, finds out his dark secret, holds onto the secret, and then the confrontation happens between the two where the recruit tells the hero he sympathizes and something about joining forces against the hero’s antagonist.
OR, it could go where the recruit that looks up to Kylar kind’ve freaks out and becomes confused, leading him to pick two choices, not tell anyone or even though Kylar maybe a hero and all, his loyalty resides in the kingdom. Recruit picks the ladder and barges in the room to arrest Kylar and Joel for “Supreme Faggotry!”. Fighting happens, Kylar is forced to kill the recruit and escapes out the window with Joel. Or instead of killing the recruit, Kylar kicks his ass, soldiers hear a ruckas and start storming the place, recruit tells soldiers what had taken place, Kylar and Joel are now wanted by the kingdom, and the recruit then becomes the leader of that squad to hunt Kylar down.

Meh, but why do I know?

My question is, is the word of one low-ranking soldier really enough to get anyone to do anything, even if he does snitch? Kylar is a pretty big deal, is one of the prince’s favorite soldiers (maybe that will work against his favor, though, considering the king), and is actually married to a woman.

Also, how is there a giant hole in the wall of that room and no one noticed?

Yeah right? Before I saw your comment I actually thought, “God, that’s one obvious hole.” But, I’m sure some convenient plot device will be used to prove Kylar’s homo n stuff. In all honesty, Im putting money (figurtively) that that recruit is gonna be the one in charge of hunting Kylar down in some way. The whole, “When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master.”

Maybe I forgot something along the way but who’s Marylyn?

Marylynn is Kylar’s ‘wife’ that he basically uses to hide the fact he’s gay from everyone.

Ok. I thought so. Kylar threw me off he said that she’s expecting with her boyfriend. Does that mean she’s been seeing someone on the side just like Kylar knowing full well that he’s gay and helping him hide it? I’m just trying to figure out their current relationship towards each other.

Yep, basically they are married but only in name – essentially just to please their families. They both are perusing other relationships with other people.It was felt better this way since neither could persue a deep-romantic relationship with each other given the circumstances. They don’t live together but occasionally keep in touch, Kylar gets around this since his job has him gone for long periods of time. Kylar’s parents just assume Kylar lives else-where than he really does.

Oh…this will not end well for Kylar at all. I suspect his new recruit will either blackmail into keeping him hush or turn him into the proper authorities in order to boost his own career. Also, and if I’m reading this right, I did not see Kylar’s wife having someone else’s kid coming at all.

yeah. somehow i knew this would happen. these two getting together right in the middle of a big crack down of homosexuals. i just knew this wouldn’t end well.

i am gonna guess what will happen next. Joel will be executed and Kylar will make an escape and run into the others, joining them on their journey for who knows what.

HEY, BOYS!!! You got a Peeping-Tom! And it would not surprise me in the least if he turns out to be a “Tomcat”! ROTFLMFAO!!! X3

omg please can we see kylar fuck joel, i know im a fucking perv,

You’ll have to look to our Furaffinity galleries or tumblrs for that, unfortunately we can’t go past PG-13. XD

>are you serious?
>*explodes on the inside*
“I want to die, but I have to see this wonder of the world first” -Me, just now.

update: couldn’t find anything on FA so I looked on e621 and found three pics, one of them being just lineart. I DID find r63 of them on the FA, but does that really count? anyway, there should be more of them. I know this breaks some kind of law, but I just dont know which one.

When you know the attitudes of everyone else in the town/tavern doing this is just bloody stupid and asking for trouble!

wellll, they have been apart, im guessing, for a while, seeing as he is a special ops. guy and all. also, they are making up.
word problem form: horny and making out times time to the power of relief equals the divisible of shagging and making out plus wanking…
>the math teachers warned us about this.

A long and happy life together or a brief moment of fulfillment now? Hmm…

Although I guess in their circumstance the former can’t be guaranteed where-as the latter is more certain.

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