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We all knew the offer and that reaction would be coming sooner or later… LOL.

Kibbles, you have to admit, as far a Sesame knows, you only have a 50% success rate, both spells you have thrown were critically damaging, but one was supposed to be a healing spell. You failed at healing (epically failed).

It might be for more selfish reasons, but it’s good to see Clare taking an interest in what’s happening. Of course, Sesame’s not too happy with the situation, but that’s understandable.

What the frack is the rider beast? whoa!

UberQuest has it’s own unique wildlife, this creature is called a Trayger – part insect, part beast, havin a butterfly like mouth and moth like antennae but bestial like body. We tried to think of even what the inhabitants of Evyr would eat – and I didn’t want to just make normal feral animals (since the world already has anthropomorphic animals). The bird-like creatures on the previous page were called Wrens. There will be more of these creature popping up here and there. ๐Ÿ™‚

perhaps they could present the argument of magic being a form of science that is not yet fully understood. If they do, then that would be awesome. It’s a really cool concept that I absolutely adore.

please don’t bring that argument up

alright then, fantasy genre purist, I won’t.

its not about being purist, it will likely spawn heated arguments about the subject which could end in comments being banned like what happened with Las Lindas

We would ideally like to keep comments open for UberQuest as long as the comic runs. It’s always a pleasure to see feedback from the readers – but we just hope people keep things civil in the comments section. Though we will try to avoid turning off comments for the sake of discussion.

Help rejected… Ouch you know you suck at Mage when you get rejected by the injured!

I always wondered what would happen if there was a “competence” gauge while learning spells rather than just strength of the spells… guess I know…

some people just have a hard time learning certain topics, I took four years of Spanish in high school and I cant talk to people in spanish

I love Claire’s expression in the fourth panel

I see no harm letting her try to heal… “what could possibly go wrong?” :3

view page three

I believe Saber was being facetious. Sort of ‘tongue-in-cheek’

Dem Kibble boobs 0-0 lol
Anyways like i said before Do Not Heal Kibbs just DON’T
And again still wove ya xD
Btw Claire No One cares about science lol

That beast thing (trayger) looks damn crazy i wonder what other wildlife are there
P.S Like the art work still xD

Next conversation…

Clare “Ah, Sesame, it couldn’t hurt if you gave her a chance to help you.”

Sesame “Let her heal you.”

Clare “Oh, come on. I’m not injured.”

***WHACK***, ***SLICE***, ***SKEWER***, ***PUNCH***, ***KICK***

Sesame “Now you are.”

i love claire’s face ^^

oh and 2 things: 1. The TWC pic didn’t post up for me. it showed a broken link three times. When I clicked on “view image only” it said I had no permission to do so.

2. What if the potion is worst than the spell?

We’ll be updating May’s incentive picture shortly, sorry for the broken link. We have to find a different place to host the image. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also considering Kibbles killed a guy when she tried to heal someone last, it makes sense that Sesame wants to avoid getting healed until she gets some practice.

Saruman is here, and i say… This comic… is incredible!

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