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The mortal body can withstand a lot of abuse before dying. And it looked like the body took the brunt of the damage. Not to mention the table cushioning her fall. Odds are Alex will make it, but she will be hurting.

your forgetting the neck is the weakest part she got hit by the floor being slammed down in the front and then slammed up again to the back side near her hips on the celing and then thrown and probably landed on her upper back again so either the neck snapped in the throwing motion or its snapped when she landed after the assault or in the 2 hit motion.. if she survives she going to either in wheelchair or in traction due all the bones broken if she doesn’t die after being thrown

It actually looks like the hand was protecting the neck, giving it more support. And while it is true that the neck is the weakest, there is no hint that she suffered too much damage to it. And if she were knocked out at all, then her muscles would be relaxed, allowing for them to take even more abuse.

while you may be right just remember that his fingers are wrapped around the neck so in way the fingers could in fact be what snaps her neck and the way the hand is up and then down it could be snapped due to the sudden movement as well picture her head being like joystick top and when you wrap your fingers and palm around the head of the old arcade joysticks your palm rests on top of the joystick head and while the fingers are around the base of the neck of the joystick head see what i mean

I myself was in Mexico too, so I have a small insight of what a dreadful mess Mexican politics. For those who want to know, if I recall correctly, most of the political problems come from a highly corrupt political party. But that might have been changed, as I was in there when some guy named Fox (I think) was president, over ten years ago.

Is Joel really that blind? He says “They’d readily kill me, or you” Then he actually asks “Why did you even bother humoring them!?” I think a better response from Kyler would have been…

“Oh I don’t know, maybe so that they DON’T kill us? Because I like being alive and want to stay alive, and I’m pretty sure you want to as well.”

I mean seriously Joel…you’re supposed to be smart!

I think you’re misunderstanding Joel’s POV here. Kylar not only put off his actual “work” ala briefing with Joel, but decided to “humor” the guards by having drinks with them for an hour +. He also ignored Joel and kind of off-handedly insulted him. In Joel’s eyes, this was all unnecessary – Kylar could’ve said his goodbyes and left. Joel feels Kylar was merely basking in hero-worship rather then having his meeting. This comes even harder with the fact Kylar says he was uncomfortable/under pressure and knew these guards were kill-happy – why bother interacting with them more then necessary?

Kylar felt he had to hold up his reputation, in a way to protect himself,Joel and others. However, he did it in an asinine way – thus the crux of the issue. Joel even states in a previous page “Do you think I’d give us away? I’ve been dealing with this (my sexuality) my entire life.” Meaning he knows how to cover his tracks. So yes, we’re trying to provide both perspectives clearly without trying to clash. Joel merely means “You shouldn’t have talked to those guys so much/been such a douche about it all.” and Kylar is all “Yeah but they love me, I couldn’t disappoint them/give us away!” Does that make more sense? lol.

It does make sense. I’m just saying if Joel understands the situation as much as he claims, he shouldn’t get all bent out of shape for Kyler simply acting like the person the others think he is.

After all Kyler was only acting. What Kyler did is less “incriminating” (put that in quotes ’cause I don’t really know a better way to describe it) then going off with some guy who just showed up.

I mean Joel, KNOWS for a fact Kyler Loves him. As such he should also KNOW that his words and actions are not what he really feels about the situation.

Now, on the subject of Kyler not mentioning the thing with Rourke…yeah, on that one I gotta side with Joel. Bad Raccoon guy. But for everything else? I’m sorry but I’m with Kyler.

The sad truth of the situation is they’re both hiding who they really are. One day, hopefully once the Prince takes the throne he’ll make some changes so that Joel and Kyler can both be open to everybody about their relationship. But until that time they have to do what they can to keep themselves and their partners safe and if that means pretending to be straight then so be it.

By the way…the fact that I feel this strongly about this shows how awesome this comic is. Seriously I love this and I care about the characters. Well done. ^_^

I’d actually have to agree with Phuufy and retract what I said, Kylar was acting like a douche, and making himself basically the center of attention and drawing more un-necessary attention towards himself made it even harder for Joel to talk to him when that’s basically the whole reason he’s out there, not to watch his secret boyfriend act like, well, how’s a good way to put it… like Gaston. Obnoxious, center of attention, pretentious in saying every woman wants him, not to mention how much he ignored Joel when, to be honest, Joel was the best at hiding his sexuality by not hiding his sexuality.

He came up to Kylar and addressed him openly and clearly by his military name. To anyone else, he really seemed like just a plucky happy guy, but immediately Kylar freaks out and literally belittles him just to make him seem as unimportant to him as any other peasant. And I’m sure Joel, already a little upset about Kylar’s behaviour did *NOT* want to sit there for an hour listening to Kylar tell war stories, and THEN hear about Rourke, who turns out to be as homosexual as they are, and not to mention Kylar could have just let the news go, a passing down note of “Oh.. I-I never knew…” and look downtrodden… but no, he makes a big deal out of it, throws in words that pierced Joel’s already sunken heart. Not to mention a face that Joel seems to remember, and not too fondly, and that he’s hiding something about Rourke, yeah…

Joel has quite a few reasons to be upset. I can understand Kylar was trying to protect himself and Joel, but he went about it in the worst way.

So Kyler made a mistake in how he acted. Can you blame him? He was totally stressed out by being surrounded by Homophobes, especially after learning that a friends of his and several others are bout to be executed for simply being who they are. Then who should arrive, his very own lover. He Panicked and did the first thing he could to protect not only himself but Joel as well. Was it the right thing? No. But did it do it’s job? Yes. Joel was taken out of the possibly harmful spotlight and everything was focused on Kyler, be it good or bad.

I’m not saying I agree with the way Kyler went about things. I’m just saying that I understand WHY he did it how he did.

Then again I’ve never been in a relationship so I don’t know how to really handle things like this.

Shouldn’t follow in Panel 3 Balloon 1 be fellow?

As for the page itself, I must say that this is quite the turning point here for Kylar and Joel. I don’t know if Joel is more upset with the fact that Kylar supposedly slept with another guy or if he feels like Kylar would simply throw him under the bus like that guy. And I know Kylar was simply acting, but why did he have to go to that extreme, especially in front of Joel?

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