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You’re back! You’re back! You’re back!!!

I’m excited! Glad to see everything up and running again.

Glad to see you guys are back! Huzzah!

Now I get the feeling that Kylar is going to face a major moral dilemma that’s going to turn his world upside down. I’m curious as if he’s going to do what he knows to be right, or if his adherence to the law will cause him to leave his friend to a grizzly fate? It’s possible that saving Rourke will be his way of “repaying” him? Maybe this will have something to do with how he meets up with our intrepid band of heroes? It’s possible his love for Joel will be the defining factor in whatever path he takes…

Also “Oh hi, Tila!”

If I were a wagering fellow, I suspect this liquidate idea is similar to what happened to Jill the first time around, specifically being launched out into the ocean.
With this whole talk of Vortex, I’m oddly reminded of Ubisoft’s Abstergo from the Assassin Creed franchise.

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