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Oi, oi! I get the feeling things are about to get worse. Plus Kylar and Joel’s love-life just got off on a rocky start. If they manage to get out in one piece, Joel is gonna have words with Kylar. Very Strong Words. Yeah…can’t say I envy the guy’s situation right now. XP

My guess is that Joel understands the situation, able to read the air that Kylar is playing the war-hero the nearby soldiers think him to be. Otherwise, I wouldn’t think Joel would suggest a private meeting to discuss matters of state. But, the couple can’t receive a break just yet.

Seems like these knights don’t understand what ALONE mean… Darn it D: Kylar’s already dying inside from all that pressure, was obviously accidnetally mean to Joel because of it, and NOW Joel might just be upset because of it… And… It might just get worst because of that tavern thingy.

…Especially if Kylar drinks and says too much upon drinking. *sigh* this can’t be good.

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